Why Do I Need To Turn My Jack Into A John?

A Jack is a male donkey intact he can reproduce and thinks about this event over and over in his mind.  A John has been gelded surgically altered, turned into a gelding in the horse world he is called a gelding, a male equine that has no interest in reproduction events at all.   Working with Stallions (horses) and Jacks is no easy matter and should never be taken lightly by a novice donkey owner especially when Jennies (female) donkeys are nearby and in heat.

What Age Should My Baby Donkey or Horse Be Gelded?

Eight months is usually the best age, work with your vet for each individual plan.  Avoid gelding when the weather is too hot or too cold.  Again, I am not a Vet and I share information as I have read to help you make the best informative decisions to help your animals.

Important considerations before gelding your donkey:

1.  Make sure you vet understands how to sedate a donkey. Weight and drug interaction with donkeys is important. Ensure you find a vet who has experience gelding donkeys. Drug interaction can be different for the donkey vs a horse.

2.  Make sure your vet understands how to tie the donkey off to avoid bleeding to death  Donkeys can die from bleeding to death and donkeys can die from sedation.  

Please do not worry about gelding your donkey. This is an easy procedure if the vet has experience and education. A donkey who is forced to live as a jack lives a life in isolation and has a difficult time finding a forever home.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



12 thoughts on “Why Do I Need To Turn My Jack Into A John?

  1. Dear Melody,

    Thank you so much for posting this! Ligation (tying off ) of the blood vessels when gelding a donkey is vital! With love and respect, I tell you, I learned this the hard way with your beloved Rio. We waited until he was 8 months to geld him; he was a sensitive, quiet and deeply intelligent boy who we felt needed extra time with his mom. When he was gelded, we did not request ligation. Rio almost bled to death! Due to great intuition and support from the ranch owners, we rushed him immeditately to the vet clinic where the vet who gelded him saved his life ( the vet had never gelded a Mammoth donkey). He then recommended Rio stay in a specialty hospital in Everett, Washington for 24 hour watch. Rio is now the amazing, intelligent and sensitive donkey that is the inspiration behind Donkey Whisperer. Please, please have your vet tie off the blood vessels on any donkey being gelded! Thank you, Melody for this life-saving tip.

    Mas Ass Acres

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and commenting as your knowledge will help a owner ensure a donkey does not bleed to death. No reason to be afraid of gelding a donkey, just need to be sure the vet has the information needed to not make this mistake, better to be safe than sorry. Galopin will be getting gelded soon in France he is 1 year old so I thought it was best to add a post to help others. I am so happy you added your comment, you have been a wonderful mentor to me with the health and care of our gifts from GOD our donkey boys Rio and Rocket Man, we love them like family. We love you!

  2. I sure wish I would have read this post prior to last week. Had a yearling Mule gelded last Thursday and lost him this morning due to hemorrhage. He hadn’t even bleed at all the past week and I came home from work today and he had passed away in the pasture and had bleed out

    • Hello Sheila,

      I am so very sorry tears for the mule and tears for you this is just horrible. I created the Donkey Whisperer Farm website, facebook, twitter and Blog to help spread information and awareness as well the donkey and mule just does not have as much information. I am so very sorry for your deep loss. I am praying for peace for you, tears this is just so sad. Where in the world do you live? We live in the Pacific Northwest, Washington. Donkeys and mules can have fatal occurances with sedation too this is a sad day. Sedation is tricky for donkeys and mules. Tears for the donkeys and mules as we have got to share more information to help them. I am praying for you!