The African Wild Ass (Donkey) Is Almost Gone

african wild ass

AFRICAN WILD ASS (Equus asinus)
Like their horse and zebra relatives, wild asses have a long neck and legs and a mane on the back of the neck, which is erect on the African wild ass. They are light gray in summer, reddish gray in winter and have horizontal stripes along all four legs. They are found in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, though their range once included Egypt, Sudan and Israel. They are threatened by hunting and habitat loss.

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


4 thoughts on “The African Wild Ass (Donkey) Is Almost Gone

  1. It shocked me in Ethiopia when I saw how during the war with Eritrea how they overloaded the poor donkeys with military hardware to move armaments where motorised transport could not move. Honestly it was shocking , lets call it inhuman exploitation by by so called humans.

    • Hi Herman,

      Seems the donkey is the most abused of all the equine as well they just shut down when being abused and give up. It’s why I do what I do to try and create awareness and help people understand these humble equine are really special and really smart. Donkeys are gifts from GOD in Jesus Christ they are special.

    • Hi Susan,

      This is a really difficult thing for me to talk about abuse of any kind but it is what it is. We live in a world pushing for more money and more power and sadly our animals and environment are paying the ultimate price. I just keep praying that people will keep reading, talking and sharing to make a good change for our most fragile world. Have a great weekend!