Update 8/19/2013

We can hear the barn owl at night before going to sleep but have not seen him/her in a long while. They say seeing an owl provides wisdom, I ask GOD in Jesus Christ name for all of my wisdom but I am grateful to have seen this wild owl and listen to the noise as I fall off to sleep each night.

Want to learn more about owls? Select All about owls to download sounds and much,much more.

Have you ever seen a wild owl?

Our Barn Owl

5 thoughts on “Our Barn Owl

    • Well thank you Steve! We get too much rain and gray days but every once in a while GOD let’s the sunshine come out like this summer and wow it is beautiful. No place like home. We are in the high 80’s today with a natural cooling system at night. 🙂

      • I’m not sure if you’ve said before, but which part of the world do you live? I live in Surrey, England, UK and we’ve had a heat wave for about 2 weeks now!

      • Hi Steve,

        I live in western wasahington state, the great Pacific Northwwest all my life. I am 53 years old. It is such a gift to meet you and your wife via photos. I am blessed too with my best friend and husband Scott.