We can hear the barn owl but we have not seem him/her in a couple of years, the sound gently put’s us to sleep each night. “They say seeing a barn owl gives us wisdom. I trust GOD in Jesus Christ Name for all of my needs.”

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Our Barn Owl

3 thoughts on “Our Barn Owl

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    • Hi Jo Pfeiffer,

      I only shared the news article to make people be aware that all equine (stallions) horse world, donkeys Jacks can be dangerous and should not be living with people who are not experienced. Stallions and Jacks are just like the ocean they need a great deal of respect. Each animal can learn how to work with the foundation and the human who has the experience. Most people who get a donkey have zero experience with the donkey. I have no Jacks, Stallions on my farm and I want none ever as too many equine need homes. I am not interested in breeding and never will be.

      I share a broad range of stories on my blog to help educate and hopefully make a dfference for the human and the animals in our most fragile world.

      I agree with you the donkey should have been gelded but I have no way to know what happened to this donkey. Most likely he was put down just like a dog that attacks a human as the man died.

      Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for taking a moment to share you story.