Donkey Penning October 5th, 2013, Philadelphia


Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

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Why is Donkey Penning Abuse?

Please select a post I wrote a while back  Did You Know That Donkeys Are Mostly Introverts explaining how the introverted donkey can have trust issues forever in some cases after being abused.  Donkeys can live forty to fifty years and yes they need to be in your will.  Donkeys are Usually Introverts and do not like loud noises, and fast movements, donkeys are visual learners meaning they can stand back and watch something and learn.

With the economy in the shape it is people find the need to create yet one more event to make the introverted donkey earn his keep “Donkey Penning.” Please share on your social media pages and let’s stop this abuse before it starts, please do not support this event when you see it as you can be a human angel for a donkey or human living in the place GOD has planted you to live.

I believe education can create awareness and awareness can create change.  Please when you are having a discussion regarding the treatment of donkeys try to educate the human first.  If we can reach people and help them understand the donkey we can make a huge difference in our most fragile world.

I have been training the human how to train the donkey to have social skills for free for the last three years and I can tell you the number one problem is donkeys that have been abused.  Donkeys who have been abused are like a woman who has been raped or a war hero returning home, they look right past you a blank stare in their eyes.  It is Post Traumatic Stress and some donkeys never recover from this.


  • I called and talked to J.J. about this Donkey penning event. Please understand this man seems to think he is doing nothing wrong as he feeds them takes care of them and they stand in the corner when being penned. I think I was able to reach him and touch his heart to explain what an introvert does when scared stand in the corner.

    J.J. will sell all 35 of these donkeys for $50.00 each

    ‘Please take action and share on your social media sites let’s see if we can get these donkeys into good homes.  Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


8 thoughts on “Donkey Penning October 5th, 2013, Philadelphia

  1. It is baffling as to what exactly is supposed to be the point of “donkey penning.” I’ve never even heard of it before this post. Not to mention that I do not understand how anybody could find nothing wrong with this. Just because an animal looks as though it suffers no physical harm does not mean he is not frightened. I have never owned or taken care of a donkey before, but even I could figure out that this practice is not okay.

    • Hi Becky,

      I do my best to try and educate people the owner was really sincere he see’s nothing wrong with what he is doing as he told me the donkeys are not being ridden by someone too heavy and they are not pulling something too heavy. Education creates awareness and I am praying the more people who can share that a donkey is mostly introverted can help the donkeys. Donkeys can live much longer than a horse 40 to 45 years and they need to be in our wills. Breaks my heart that all these donkeys are discarded and abused so badly I just do not understand the fun in abusing any animal. I really do not like cow roping, cow penning any of it I understand when farmers need to do this for their farm but for a sport it is not a sport to me. I am the voice for the donkey thus why I am the Donkey Whisperer it is what GOD has given me a purpose to do. I pray my post makes a big difference for people to think about what they are doing and these donkeys will get a good home. So many donkeys are in desperate need for a good home due to the economy and hay costs. We must not get angry but try to educate and create awareness and change for our children as if our children learn it is ok to abuse a helpless animal what are we teaching them? Thank you for reading my blog and for taking a moment to comment. Melody

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