Horse Auction WA State, Healthy Horses Are In Kill Pens

PLEASE RE-BLOG  as time is running out for healthy young horses. People drop the horse off at auction thinking a good human will buy. Sadly meat buyers are here too.

Looking for a horse at auction in WA state? Select Auction WA State to see what is available as you can be a human angel for this horse, donkey or mule. These horses are headed to slaughter in Kill Pens please share this post and help save a life.

Select Contact for more information how you can save a life.

Need help training your new horse?

I am a worldwide virtual coach and I will teach you how to tame, train and stay safe. Select Donkey Whisprerer Farm to see how virtual coaching, training and consulting you to train has worked for people all over the world. Select testimonials.

How can I sign up for lessons?

I pay KEYBANK virtual merchant to take any credit card world-wide. Select our store for one, five or ten lessons and I bank your lessons so you can use as needed.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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