Two Mammoth Donkeys Looking For New Forever Homes, SEQUIM, WA

UPDATE 9/10/2015

Melody,  Thanks so much for putting info about my donkeys on Facebook.  They headed to Whidby Island with Mark Helpenstell this morning.  He has mini-donks and horses and seems knowledgeable about their hoof problems.  Miss the boys already but when I get to Sequim I’ll be able to visit them.   Michelle


Dear Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

I have met Michelle and she is a wonderful woman, giving her mammoth donkeys the best home possible. These donkeys do have laminitis but I can help you with diet, paddock and more to repair. We cannot afford to rescue, adopt or purchase any more dogs, cats, donkeys, mules or horses. I do however help network and find great forever homes.

Please if you are interested in these two Mammoth donkeys contact Michelle Moss at Sequim, WA.IMGA0149

Hi Melody,  Hope all is well with you and your donkeys.  I don’t know whether I told you that I’d bought land on Roupe Rd.  Will move after my house sells. 

Only an acre+ because I had decided that my riding days were over.  My donks were never aggressive or acted up while I worked with their feet during the episodes of Laminitis, but I realized that I was no longer strong enough to deal with large livestock.  That and my diminishing sense of balance forced the decision. 

My boys need new homes with people who are willing to watch their diets.  They have been fine now for months —  neither lameness nor medication.  If you would like them  I’ll give them to you because I know you understand their problem.  I can provide you with their x-rays and the vets’ tel. numbers.  I think Cowboy would be ideal for somebody lacking in confidence who wanted a safe mount for pleasure riding. 

Spanky is a pretty animal who I suspect, with a bit of experience, would be good on trails and possibly shows.  Both are about 14 — 14:1 hands,  OK if you sell them to others.  All I ask is that you make a decided effort to make sure any  future owners are capable, reliable people who care about their animals.  If you aren’t interested, please pass my email address on to any potential owners.    

Thanks,   Michelle


 spanky   cowboy        spanky 2013          cowboy

   5 yrs     11 yrs

IMGA0298 IMGA0346

One thought on “Two Mammoth Donkeys Looking For New Forever Homes, SEQUIM, WA

  1. I am just now seeing this. I am sooooo very far behind on my blogs that I follow. Especially since I got a virus and was without my computer for several days. I wish I could have taken one. I would love to have a Mammoth donkey. But I would like to have something a little bigger. About 15 or little larger. The donkey that sounds really safe would have been a nice animal for my granddaughter to ride. I don’t have anything calm enough to trust her with. She lives in the city and doesn’t get to ride too much. She does like to. Both look like wonderful animals. I hope they were able to go to a good home.