Thinking Of Donkeys as Donkeys Come In Two’s

Do you ever find yourself thinking about donkeys? We have had donkeys in our life for fifteen years now and well it’s hard to remember life without a horse and a couple of donkeys, they are indeed part of our family.   Why Donkeys? Perhaps GOD understood before I did the importance of donkeys in our life as our donkeys are part of our family now.  I have always been a human that likes to learn, digs for information, steps out of the box to try new things and I am naturally creative.   Thank you, Jesus!  The human brain is indeed one of the most important organs GOD gave us.
We are proud to make and sell the best quality and fit donkey rope halters. Each donkey halter is made in the U.S.A. Donkey soft yacht rope halter, lead lines with a brass snap, leather end. Check us out at our store Select Our Store.   Our Mini and Standard size rope halter will fit from age 4 months to full-grown. Custom/special orders  You will order the halter and let us know you want to measure the head. We will build you a perfect fitting donkey halter made to last a lifetime. Please send questions to our e-mail at we are happy to help you.
Why are donkeys so special?   Donkeys have a cross on their back, this is special. Well, they are usually not always but usually more relaxed than the horse and well kinda like a black lab they just want to be loved on, they want to eat, they want to snuggle with their human.  The donkey loves to play tug with their four-legged donkey buddy.  Donkeys love to jump up and grab the neck of their donkey buddy.  Donkeys are donkeys!
Donkeys never forget anything they must be treated with a fair and respectful plan. Never abuse your donkey. Rehabilitation of an abused donkey can takes many, many years and some of these donkeys can become violent towards people they associate with the past abuse. I.e., a smell, man or woman (former abuser), truck, sounds, cigarette. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is real in animals just like people. Donkeys can see in color.
What Do Donkeys Need To Stay Healthy? 1. Clean water fresh water, diet, low sugar and low protein  hay  Never feed donkeys alfalfa hay ever. Hay must be tested to come in no higher than 10% Sugar to keep the exotic desert equine healthy. Exercise is key.  2. TamingDonkeys need their hooves picked out daily and their feet trimmed at least every 7 weeks 3.  Donkeys need the vet to come and see them at least once a year 4.  Donkeys need their teeth checked at least once a year 5.  Donkeys need us, humans, to check for sores, lice, or a limp – Watch your donkey learn how they move so you can catch problems quickly 6.  Donkeys need clean fresh water every day and in the winter warm water, Donkeys need to lose salt in a dry place. A salt lick will do but will not be as effective to prevent colic. 7. Donkeys need their human to be on time with meals – My donkeys hardly ever bray as they can depend on us to bring their meals, they do not need to remind us ever
8. It is a myth to believe all donkeys bray all day long they don’t bray unless they are calling out to a donkey or they are upset about meals or something else like a predator coming into their pasture. Jacks bray more. Very few jacks (stallion horse world) are worthy of reproduction. Owning a Jack is not for the beginner donkey owner or even the novice. Owning a Jack takes having people to help you manage your farm correctly it is not for the beginner.
9. Donkeys do not enjoy a bath, donkeys seem to not enjoy the water even on the warmest weather.  Our donkeys get one bath a year and I hand wash their face just like my horse, never spray a donkey with a hose in the face 10.  Donkeys ears can be broken and not stand up so be careful when touching them 11.  Donkeys can grow lot’s of thick donkey fur for the winter Rio our Mammoth donkey age 9 months with my hubby Scott. 12.  Donkeys are looking for a great human leader who will take the time it takes, donkeys are visual learners 13. Donkeys can hear things way sooner than the horse 14. Pick up the poop every day and compost. Do not drag across your pasture until the poop has composted and killed parasites for at least one year. 15. Last but final tip about donkeys; never ever drill a donkey, less is more and remember Donkeys never forget anything – Be careful what and how you train your donkey 🙂 SELECT E-TRAINING DONKEY 101 VIDEO ON DEMAND.  GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Rio our MAMMOTH DONKEY stands 16’2 hands tall with Melody. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!
Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

11 thoughts on “Thinking Of Donkeys as Donkeys Come In Two’s

  1. We have to come to your blog for our fix of your two donkeys – nothing is more delightful than little an large so happy in life. We would have two at the drop of hat but realise that we couldn’t give them the time and attention they deserve.

    • Oh how sweet are you…. I pray people are encouraged, educated and inspired to step up and help a donkey, mule or horse they say needing some health care. Just not enough information on the donkey so I share for free to try and help the donkeys have a better life. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

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