We have hired Steffan Sherman to start Miss Trophy in the saddle from Sherman Farms, Sequim, WA. Steffan and his wife Gabrielle are amazing with the horses and humans. I am physically disabled. I am not able to take the risk of starting this rescue mare under saddle. 

Steffan and Gabrielle are like minded as they have a herd of horses living on their ranch in Sequim, WA. The lead horse, mule or donkey can help a horse who is learning to have social skills with humans. My horse Miss Lily is a lead mare, my lead mare lives full-time with Miss Trophy. Trophy is emotionally, physically and mentally ready to learn how to carry her rider. 

Working with a rescue or traumatized horse, donkey or mule
What is the most important factor? You! The owner or human who cares for the equine. Rehabilitation takes time. All humans and animals can come back to life if given the time and the opportunity to learn to trust again. Most importantly we must make sure no one ever betrays the equine again ever. Animals like people can have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a trigger will regress the animal or human quickly. The great news is we can help return the mind to normal faster and faster if we learn how to release the pressure quickly. Never drill. Stay On Donkey Time ®. 

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson. 

Trophy came to me biting, kicking, striking, weaving her head around all of the time, head high and urinating. Today she is confident and calm 99% of the time. Thank you Jesus. We have been testing her, and re-testing her, every time she is ready and eager to learn the next new thing. 

Walking Our Horses On The Trail Prepares For Trail Riding

We expect to start saddling and riding Miss Trophy soon. Steffan Sherman will ride her on the trail with just a halter and saddle. No buck, no fight, no stress.  Soon I will ride Miss Trophy on the trail. Weather is a huge factor as we move into the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest. Stay On Donkey Time ®.

Trophy Is In Training For The Saddle