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8 thoughts on “Animals Helping People

  1. Yay for Melanie sitting up in that saddle! I could not even begin to fathom sitting in a saddle right now for everything hurts, My abdomen hurts from the incision(and it is a brutal too), my hips, tosh, and the backside of my thighs hurt like crazy. Plus my upper arms where they gave me pain medication whilst I was in hospital. I got home Thursday, so it was only a two day stay up there. The doctor said that one disc was really bad and the other one wasn’t that bad. So he replaced those two and put two cages in. Not only do I limited range of motion, I now have limited mobility too. They sent me home with a walker because it offers more stability than the cane I had. But I cannot walk without it or I could fall. If I got out or something, like to Walmart, for example, I have to take the wheelchair. My left leg was quite weak before, now it is incredibly more weaker. I haven’t been sleeping well because I have to sleep on my back and that hurts and then wakes me up but I cannot sleep on my side like I used to because it hurts my hips and incision. The back of my thighs and my tosh hurts too. It is frustrating because I cannot do my chores around here, Poor Chris has to do everything 🙁 Hopefully, the pain will go away soon.
    How are you, my dear friend? It is turning to autumn here. They say that New York has some of the most beautiful autumn’s. What is new with you? 🙂

    • Hi Serenity,

      I continue to pray for you to get well fast and for you to never give up. I understand what pain is as I went for 2 1/2 years without my pain being controlled. My husband like yours was forced to not only take care of me but our farm and go to work. We went almost three years before we could go out to dinner as I had to have my feet up on the couch lay on the floor and cry from the back, hip and rib spasms, feet going numb. Pain sucks it destroys the person we were and devours our friends and family.

      I am really happy to have been able to get to ride about 25 minutes around my arena again. I pray one day I can get stronger and go for a trail ride again. I will never give up and I pray you never give up too.

      I am so sorry for your pain as I understand pain it sucks.

      Big hug,

      • Yes, I understand, The pain medication they gave me in hospital didn’t seem to relieve my pain and they put me on the same pain medication for home that I was on before and a different muscle relaxer and I don’t think it is really doing anything. Idk.
        But yes, I hope to be able to ride again someday too. Right now swinging up in that saddle is unthinkable and just pure torture lol 🙂

      • Hi sweety,

        Yes I know as I waited 3 1/2 years before even thinking about trying to spread my pelvis around my horse and mammoth donkey the pain was too great. Not worth more pain still I made it and so will you. Never give up! I went to physical therapy for 3 years sometimes three times a week and it was so hard but I know the hard work paid off and I continue to work hard to try and keep my strength. I know GOD has you in the palm of his hands as you are his child. All you have to do is ask and the bible says GOD will come to us.

        I am so happy to hear you are home now as the hospital is a horrible place to be. Ask your doctor what they can do for the pain, no person or animal should have to live with extreme pain. So many options out in the world today. I am praying your doctor can get you a good pain doctor if need be do not forget about a physiatrist as this is the key to trauma and healing and pain, rehabilitation.

        Big hug,

      • Thanks, Melody. I will ask my doctor next week if there is anything else they can do for the pain. I am sure there is something left out there 🙂

      • At first, when I looked at the word, I thought it was ‘psychatrist’ and I was like, ehh no 🙁 But then I looked at the word and clicked on the link and read about them and was like, yeah !!! Sounds like just what I need. Will have to call my family doctor on Monday, for he wanted to see me after the surgery anyways. So I can talk to him about that too when I go to see him. This week I have a few other phone calls to make anyways regarding my issues ehhh I hate talking on the phone about this stuff. Sometimes I wish I had a secratary to do this all for me LOL 😀

      • I know it is a little secret in the medical community and I did not get this doctor for 1 year and 1/2 suffering with pain and not making must progress. This doctor helped me the most to recover from the semi-truck accident and I still see her once a month more than likely the rest of my life for pain and nerve damage, muscles spasms.