Seems some days, weeks, months or years life can go along where I need a Mammoth Donkey Hug more than once a day.  Thank you Jesus I can hop on my 4  X 4 little red buggy (A.T.V) to get donkey hugs. For those of you who cannot get one I am sharing these photos. If this is your first time reading my blog select GOD created a miracle for me to read more.

Close your eyes and imagine Rio’s big head on your shoulder and you are stroking him gently as he looks down at you with his big brown soft eye.  Before the hug I always give him a kiss on the nose and after as he is such a lovey I have been kissing his nose every single day since the first time I met him in 2006, he was nine months old and just a little guy.


If you are short a mini donkey hug is always another great option as Rocket Man loves to put his head on my shoulders too.  I have to sit down for his hugs. 🙂


The photo above was taken about a year after the semi-truck accident.  My hair started falling out from the kidney trauma and I had to cut it short, my hair stylist at the time colored it a bit darker than I normally wear it.  My eyelashes fell out too from the kidney failure and well I was having a hard time with pain and sleep.

The last thing I had to endure was the news my front tooth died from the semi-truck accident and it had to be removed.  I had to wear a fake tooth for six months and then have a screw surgically placed up inside my jaw. Now I have a beautiful new tooth thank you Jesus! The screw in my jaw is titanium and does not hurt ever unlike the screws in my pelvis that conduct cold and heat due to the barometric pressure changes here in the Pacific Northwest, Western Washington.  The surgically inserted screws in my pelvis are stainless steel as they are so long (hip bone, to hip bone) that they had to be used as if titanium screws were installed they would break.   

Please remember no hug is as big as a hug from Jesus!

“Please remember you are the most important thing GOD created in our world and you are here for a purpose, you are unique and GOD has a plan for your life.”

Life is precious and fragile we never know when our time is up or when a semi-truck (any kind of trauma) is going to smash into us

No other person in the entire world has your finger prints

GOD captures every one of your tears in a bottle and GOD will give us double for our troubles if we let him

GOD loves his children and he will make good out of evil if we trust him and pray

GOD has given each one of us free will he will not help us unless we make him our Lord and Savior and ask for his help

Select Serenity Prayer for more help. 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Anyone Need A Mammoth Donkey Hug?

5 thoughts on “Anyone Need A Mammoth Donkey Hug?

  1. I have had tons of horse hugs, but I have yet to have a donkey hug. I think I need to find one and get one. One cute!
    I am going for my post-op tomorrow morning. Had my SSI hearing today. Probably got it too! Talk soon. Have a good night, my dear friend!