All donkeys need a bath when the weather hits 70 degrees or higher at least once a year. Tie the donkeys up together to give the bath as anything new is difficult for the donkey. Donkeys can learn to enjoy a warm bath but it takes time. Hand wash their face do not spray water on the face or inside the ears. Use  Anti-fungus shampoo and conditioner. We use the EZ wash wand.

Why do donkeys need a bath? Donkeys have really thick fur trapping fungus and dirt deep into the skin. 

Donkeys are self-thinkers,  deep thinkers. Brilliant as GOD gave the donkey the gift of problem solving to survive in the desert. Think first, react later most of the time. Horses have speed, horses are the flight equine. Donkeys are seriously into self-preservation.

“Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained. Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC.”


Donkeys deserve to wear an outstanding quality halter made to  fit a donkey not a horse!

Donkey Bath Day

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