Dreams Take Work

Fall Is Time To Reflect

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® has had a year of milestones! Truly blessing after blessing as we prayed, planned and worked really hard on each project. Our little farm business has been building custom fit donkey, mule, pony, and even Zonk halter/lead lines hand made with soft yacht rope worldwide. We now sell riding reins .

 The big news! The Donkey Whisperer Farm Donkey Miniature and Burro Mammoth, or mule fiberglass stick and string to touch your donkey not hit your donkey. I designed each stick and string to be a perfect training tool. The tip is leather not rubber. Rubber pulls the hair on the donkey defeating the goal of teaching the donkey to trust the human. Each stick and string is hand made in the U.S.A. When you purchase from the Donkey Whisperer Farm you can expect quality 100% of the time in combination with outstanding customer service. We provide only the best for you and your donkey.

A large percentage of donkeys that end up at shelters, auctions and slaughter houses have been abandoned because they were difficult to handle or could not be trained. Our vision is that EVERY donkey find its forever home. Our prayer is that your donkey stays with you forever.

We are selling these training tools with Donkey 102 worldwide. Donkey 101 E-VIDEO Series and now Donkey 102 E- VIDEO Series is selling worldwide. People who own donkeys can learn how to train the donkey and take me Melody Johnson to the farm via any smart device. This is a GOD accomplishment. I train the owner or caretaker to train the donkey worldwide using resistance free methods. Never abuse.

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to take a look at what we are doing for the donkeys living in our world and the people who own them and care for them.

2019 we watched our privacy trees grow before our eyes. We are excited to have privacy and very soon. Moving into a farm field with no privacy has been a challenge. The beautiful trees love the sunshine and our irrigation water from the Dungeness river. God is amazing.

We became registered with the Federal Government; 

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

On Donkey Time ® words

Donkey Sitting Down our logo ®

So many farm projects and the animals well they give us the strength and motivation to keep working and pressing forward. Farm life is hard work. Rewarding and emotionally challenging. Winter may seem like a time to rest for most people, working with equine is a full-time job, 12 months a year and twenty-four hours a day. We love the farm life, not for everyone but for us this is a gift as life is fragile and precious. We know we will never get this day back again. The animals need full-time care, hooves need even more attention as the wet weather brings challenges.

The donkeys, horses, dogs and kitty are all doing great. 2019 has been a wonderful year full of milestones. We are now putting up our hay ourselves. Watching the hay leave our farm we grow and work so hard to get baled has been really hard. Donkeys cannot eat alfalfa hay without getting obese and sick. 

2019 We Created A New Free Video “Bringing Your Donkey Home” 

2020 GOD willing we will have 100% orchard hay testing in below 10% sugar to put in our barn. Low sugar/protein hay has become really expensive in the Pacific Northwest. We are excited to start production of this healthy hay beginning with our donkeys and horses.

Take a virtual tour around the Donkey Whisperer Farm. Enjoy!


Our Anatolian Shepherds “LIVESTOCK GUARDING DOGS” are busy taking care of the farm.

God Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged!

Growing The Donkey Whisperer Farm “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

Do You Have A Dream For A Small Business?

Please share your dream business in the comments section. I am excited to hear your dream business. 🙂

Meet my husband and best friend Scott Johnson, we have been partners for almost twenty-six years. This man is the reason I am able to be bold and step out in the world. He encourages me to never give up. He picks me up when I am tired. He is my soul mate. If you are blessed to have a supportive spouse you are truly living in GOD’s best. God wants his children to be happy, healthy and whole. This man was placed on the planet for me. I was placed here for him. Nothing in this earthly world is more important than my beloved. I love you Scott.

Starting a new business is always exciting, terrifying, and overwhelming as we may see our tiny business grow or not. Starting a new business in agriculture is even more of a risk as the experts are quick to calculate how this little business will fail. The startup costs of a farm are indeed high, risks are higher. I truly believe in GOD in Jesus Christ name. Without GOD to guide me, give me creative ideas and the strength to first step out and try, second never give up I could not do this. 

Each person living on this planet has twenty-four hours a day to do something. Some people refuse to use even a small percentage of their day in a productive way as well they are stuck in their sorrow and grief. Failure has become an idol something they hold tight, day and night.  Every failure is an opportunity to grow and learn how not to make the mistake again. Seems as we age the risk is higher to not try. I simply do not want to be taking my last breath and wondering if I could have succeeded at my little business. I do not want to say “WHAT IF” on my death bed.

Making the world a better place for donkeys and the humans who love them. This is what my dream and goal is, my purpose. Donkeys are the most abused of all the equine. Donkeys deserve to wear beautiful quality tack that fits a donkey not a horse. Donkeys deserve to be trained using resistance free methods, never abuse. This is my dream for the Donkey Whisperer Farm, helping donkeys and owners or caretakers worldwide. “Donkeys Are Not Horses With Long Ears. Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ™. Stay ON DONKEY TIME ™ never drill or abuse your donkey. Less is more.

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Starting a worldwide business is a little overwhelming as social media spreads quickly. The customer base is worldwide. This is a huge challenge. I simply give the Donkey Whisperer Farm business to God in Jesus Christ name. I am simply not smart enough to do this without GOD guiding me.




Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018


Disabilities teach us how to do things differently

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DisabledHikers.com now exists, and the first guide is up, with several more currently being written. It is a hefty task – each hike, when taken with the perspective of writing a guide, takes twice as long as usual. The guide takes at least 3 hours to research, write, and edit, and an additional 1-2 hours to format, edit photos, and post on the website. Then I spend several hours promoting the site so people know about the resource. All in all, I spend at least 10 hours publishing each guide.

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