Does A Donkey Need A Blanket?

Donkey Care:

Donkeys evolved from the desert, donkeys are not horses with long ears. Healthy young donkeys can usually handle winter. Please remember extreme wind chill and cold can kill even the most healthy animal if preventive care is not provided. Donkeys are stoic meaning they hide pain. I do not blanket a donkey because I am cold I blanket a donkey due to health needs. A blanket is like a fire extinguisher we have it ready in case of an emergency. Once you blanket any equine it is important to check the blanket every day for dampness rubs etc., Always replace a wet blanket with a dry blanket quickly. Remove the winter blanket when the weather is back to rain. I do not blanket my donkeys in the rain as they have shelter.

Miniature donkey blanket
donkey blanket

Providing preventative action to prevent colic, hyperthermia should be every donkey owners plan of action. Think about the part of the world you live in, do you get into the the teens and lower with the wind chill? If you said yes, you need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

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How do I keep my donkeys healthy during winter?

Provide shelter to get out of the rain, snow and wind. Use a slow feeder provide three meals a day during extreme cold and wind. Provide clean warm water and lose granular free salt with minerals add selenium if your hay does not have it and remove if your hay has selenium. Make sure your donkey has his/her teeth checked by a veterinarian at least once a year. Provide a worming schedule using fecal samples, fecal samples do not show tape worms so always give ivermectrin after the first frost. Over worming creates resistance parasites. I send fecals to my vet in the spring and fall.

When does a donkey need a warm dry blanket?

Donkey is shivering, shaking and blowing diarrhea, stands still frozen, tail tucked and the ears are very cold. Frost bite is a major concern for donkeys as they are more prone to it than a horse. Senior donkeys, donkeys with health illness such as cushings and endocrine metabolic disorder and obese donkeys need to have a blanket that fits and is ready to go. Donkeys that have cushings and endocrine metabolic disorders need a blanket right before the weather drops into freezing as these donkeys cannot regulate their body temperature. Even fat donkeys age eleven or older can start shivering and shaking from the cold.

How difficult is it to find a blanket to fit a donkey?

Very difficult as most companies sell horse blankets not donkey blankets. Make sure you measure your donkey correctly avoiding having to return the blanket for a new size.

How do I measure my donkey for a blanket?

Thank you for investing in your donkey,

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey has a lump

Please understand donkeys are not horses with long ears. Donkeys have a unique biological system that needs to be treated by a veterinarian experienced with donkeys. Please be sure and ask your veterinarian to do his/her research before treating a donkey with drugs and surgery. Please ask your veterinarian to check all lumps you find quickly.

What causes sarcoids?

No one knows for sure what causes sarcoids, but we do know that:

  • they are infectious and linked to a virus called ‘bovine papilloma virus’
  • flies play a role in their spread so insect control is important, particularly during the summer months. 
  • certain animals are more susceptible than others. All equine can get a sarcoid.

Where are sarcoids found?

Sarcoids are most often found on the head, legs and trunk.  Male donkeys sadly can develop sarcoids on their pennis or sheath.

Sarcoids may develop at sites of wounds and areas where trauma or injury has occurred.

Use your hands to check your donkey for any new lumps regularly. Include this in your daily grooming routine.

Drug Metabolism In Donkeys:

Donkeys digest drugs different from a horse. Donkeys process drugs much faster than the horse. As a result, practitioners should prescribe drugs carefully less is more with donkeys to ensure the donkey does not over dose and die from the drug. Each donkey is a unique individual some donkeys need far less drugs for pain or sedation so again its best to treat each donkey with extreme caution to drugs and sedation.


U.K Donkey Sanctuary

Sarcoids Bell Equine Veterinary

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Miniature Donkey Singing

Miniature Donkey Singing

Donkeys are emotional and intelligent beings. Read five sounds a donkey can make.

Did you know only a few donkeys can sing?

Yes its true! Rocket Man is the only donkey on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® that can sing. Did you know that some donkeys never bray? Introverted donkeys do not bray ever. They communicate a bit differently and are always deep inside their head, donkeys are seriously deep thinkers.

Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand with my E-book trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey using resistance free exercises proven to work worldwide. Take trainer Melody Johnson to the farm with you using any smart device connected to the internet.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Paradise Paddock Track

Watch our six donkeys one standard, two formerly wild burro’s and three miniature donkeys running and playing on our mares (horses) track. Enjoy!

How can I create a track for my equine?

Read the book Paddock Paradise, Jaimie Jackson for some ideas. We have three tracks on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ®, one connected to our mares (horses) shelter, one to the standard and burro’s shelter and one connected to the miniature donkeys shelter. Due to the diet of the miniature donkeys they need their own shelter and paddock. After meals we let them go out with the larger donkeys on the track.

Do I feed our equine on the track? No. The equine love to try and find food on the track and love to walk, run and play. I want them to walk or run back to the shelter to get water and salt. Please understand in the wild horses and donkeys walk fifteen to twenty five miles a day. The track keeps them fit, prevents obesity, laminitis, stops cribbing for horses and well its a paddock paradise.

What size is the track?

Twelve feet wide corners are twenty one feet to run and lay on. We drive the A.T.V with the cart behind to pick up the poop once a day. Remember to mow and bag the grass before letting the equine on the track. The track is for exercise, mental and emotional enrichment. Meals are fed in the shelter with portion control.


Electro-braid hot wire

Tee posts with caps

Gate connecting to the track and back to the shelter.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner
Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Fireworks Your Animals Need You To Have A Plan

Fireworks and Pets Not A Good Combination:

Plan ahead to keep pets safe; owning pets is a huge responsibility and for those of us who have equine (donkeys, horses, and mules) living in rural areas, we must be extra careful. The equine is a flight or fight animal when terrified of death. Meaning; they can get scared when the fireworks start, and the smell is in the air.  Some horses have been known to run into fences.  Locking them in their stalls is the safest when neighbors are shooting off fireworks I turn the radio up and give lots of hay and fresh water. Donkeys have died from fear, yes fear. Colic is a life-threatening matter. Donkeys are stoic will not show pain until it is too late. Do your best to stay calm and keep your donkeys, mules, and horses locked up safe in their stall until the fireworks are over. Long-distance fireworks are not that big of a deal, fireworks right over the farm or barn can kill your equine.

Want to read more tips on pet safety and fireworks?  Select Blue Cross Pets Fireworks for more details.

Dogs and cats can get so scared of fireworks they can run off and not be able to find their way home best to keep them locked in the house too. Our doggies get very stressed, turning the radio up helps, some people tranquillize their dogs until the fireworks are over.  I say do whatever you have to do to keep your pets safe as they don’t understand fireworks.  Please remember animals do not understand fireworks “they are truly scared and think they will die.” It’s our job as the smart human to protect them and take care of them.

What do you do to keep your pet(s) safe during the fireworks?  Please leave a comment to help others.

Read my blog Fireworks and Pets Is A Bad Mix

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®


Looking To Adopt Donkeys?

Donkeys needing forever homes located at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Riverside WA.


Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Riverside WA

Satellite Adoption Center Mgr, Paulette Quiroga-Jacklin

(509) 322-4995

All of these donkeys have went through the training program at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Please remember to get two donkeys never one unless you have a lonely donkey needing a buddy. Donkeys need to live with another donkey.

Please remember that even if you get a trained equine, donkey, mule or horse you must do the taming and training yourself. Do not throw out in a pasture and expect the donkey to come when called, halter and get the hooves done. Donkeys are so smart they will train you the owner to do exactly what they want to do and nothing more. The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® teaches the owner how to tame and train donkeys and sells adjustable premium soft yacht rope halter lead combo. Order in our store at

Here are some details of our recent arrival:
We received 8 donkeys. 6 geldings (castrated) and 2 jennies.

Of the geldings, we have:
A 13.5yo pink roan
A 4yo pink roan
A 17yo large brown standard
A 2yo gray standard
A 4.5yo blue roan
A 3yo red roan

Of the jennies, we have:
An 11yo white standard
A 3yo gray standard

*The 17yo large brown gelding (named Clyde) and the 11yo white standard jenny (named Lilly) are a very bonded couple and must be adopted together. Clyde CANNOT be around any animals smaller than a standard sized donkey.

*The 4yo pink roan (named Bodie) is bonded to 3yo Rowan (a standard brown) and MUST be adopted together.

This is all the information I have for you at this time. Denise Christensen will, once again, be coordinating the donkey adoptions this year. Once she has Completed her prior commitments and is able to come in to the facility to tag the donkeys with their names, we will be able to share current photos and basic history of each donkey with you on this Facebook page.

She will, then start working with each individual donkey to get a feel for their personalities, characteristics and idiosyncrasies to better serve you with assisting in finding the best choice for your farm, family and animal residents.

When she is ready, we will open our gates to the public for our official Donkey Adoption Meet & Greet. In all fairness to everyone, we will not allow anybody to personally meet the donkeys ahead of the official adoption meet & greet. This way, everybody will receive the news at the same time. That is only fair. I hope you understand.

Also, PVDR has adopted a policy change on adopting a single donkey as a companion to a single horse. Due to the many returns we have gotten from owner’s whose horse did not like and/or could not get along with the donkey or the donkey being bullied by their horse, we will only adopt out a single donkey if there is another donkey at the farm. If not, the adopter will be required to adopt 2 donkeys (however the adoption fee will be discounted). Feel free to give me a call, text or email if you have questions, concerns or comments about this new policy.

Paulette Quiroga-Jacklin
Satellite Adoption Center Mgr
(509) 322-4995

Denise Christensen
Adoption Coordinator
(360) 556-1577 

Donkey Livestock Guardian

Will a donkey make a great livestock guardian?

I am happy to share sixteen years of experience with donkeys. Very few donkeys make great livestock guarding donkeys. Donkeys are intelligent and emotional beings that prefer to live with their own species, eat, drink, play, groom and sleep together along with grabbing the neck, biting, playing tag and tug with a jolly ball. Always get two donkeys geldings with gelding’s jennies with jennies (female), jacks (stallions) must become geldings. Very few donkeys make great guardian donkeys. Why? Donkeys evolved from the desert their diet is strict. Donkeys metabolize food and drugs different than a horse as this is one of their gifts to survive living in the desert forging for food. Please stop and think about what kind of food is in the desert, this is what we are trying to create for donkeys living on the farm.

Donkeys can kill smaller animals quickly by grabbing the neck or stomping to death. Can donkeys live with livestock? Yes and no. Donkeys need a large space and another donkey as listed above and it depends on the donkey as each has a personality and life experience. Miniature donkeys cannot guard anything they need protection. Donkeys need to live on desert pastures to prevent obesity. When livestock babies are born they must be moved away from the donkeys to avoid death by the donkey grabbing and killing the baby by the neck. I highly recommend a Great Pyrenees dog to live with your livestock they are the best and will cost less to care for.

Donkey care is extensive, donkeys need a farrier visit every six weeks in the spring and summer and seven weeks in the fall and winter. Donkeys need vet checks at least once a year, dental teeth, and gums yearly, shots in the spring, west Nile, rabies, and tetanus. Donkeys need tested hay 10% or lower ins sugar and protein with portion control. Salt with minerals, no alfalfa, no grains, oats, breads, cookies, vitamins or sweet feed. Do not let donkeys graze on rich grass or brush 24 x 7 as they will become obese and have life threatening side effects, hoof abscesses, fat on the neck, fat pockets, fat in the blood, laminitis, insulin resistance and white line disease of the hoof. Donkeys need shelter, clean water, warm in the winter and some donkeys need a blanket in the winter as they cannot handle the cold as good a horse. Donkeys need exercise, create a hot wire track if you do not live in the desert as the track will turn to dirt or have very little grass on it.

Here is my free video Bringing Your Donkey Home How do I exercise my donkey?

If you need more information sign up under Donkey Trainer  I am more than happy to help you set up your farm to bring home two donkeys.

Weight Limit To Ride A Donkey

How much weight can a donkey carry?

Donkeys can safely carry 20% of their body weight including the saddle and rider. Please be sure your donkey is prepared to work, meaning be an adult and in condition to work. This means that a miniature donkey weighing 300 pounds can carry 60 pounds great for a small child. Donkeys should be full-grown before attempting to do any form of heavy work. Percentage calculator. Donkeys that are sick or geriatric cannot do heavy work without causing serious harm to the animal.

What age is my donkey full-grown?

Miniature donkey age three.

Standard/burro age four.

Mammoth donkey six or seven depending on the height of the donkey

Thank you for investing in your donkey,

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Halter Made To Fit The Donkey Not The Horse

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Standard/burro adjustable soft yacht rope halter with matching 9ft lead line, brass screw-on snap, black leather end.

Help My Donkey Has A Bald Spot

Donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys’ fur and hooves do not like to stay wet.

Donkeys can get bald patches any time of the year. Donkeys love to grab (bite) the neck, hip and nip at the legs sometimes pulling large chunks of fur out. When you see this put a little neosporin on the skin. Then there is lice the most common in donkeys due to the birds pooping, immune system and the long fur coat on the donkey. Check for lice, ticks, and mites. ULTRA BOSS oil based work much better than powders due to the donkey’s thick and long fur coat. Pour down the top of the neck to the end of the tale, (do not get in the eyes) rub in deep with a brush to get past all the thick donkey fur. Repeat in seven days as this will kill the lice but not the lice eggs.  The second dose kills the eggs. Please check your donkeys body every day.

Bald patches on donkeys normally develop in the spring, late winter and fall but can occur any time of the year. Donkeys have longer hair than a horse. Donkeys are more susceptible to rain rot than horses. Make sure your donkey has access to shelter as clumps of hair fall out and bald patches develop. Rain rot give a good anti-fungus bath listed below.

As soon as the weather is 70 degrees give a good bath with antiseptic soap and cream rinse. I never spray water in my donkeys or horses’ faces. I wash gently wash their face with a wash cloth. Select Virbac Medicated Shampoo use conditioner.
If after doing all of the above your donkey has not healed and started growing their hair back please call your vet as your donkey may have allergies.  Ask for a full physical and blood test for Cushing’s.  Sadly, the immune system is attacked when a donkey, horse, or mules has Cushing’s.

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Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Tied To A Cow

Donkeys have sadly been the beast of burden since the beginning of time. “Here is the sad truth, donkeys are usually cheap and easily replaceable. When the farmer is using the donkey as a beast of burden the job is clearly to benefit the farmer to make a profit.” When the donkey gets sick no veterinarian is called as this would cut into the profit, sadly the donkey dies a painful lonely death. Next, the human repeats the cycle of abuse, hurries, and purchases a replacement donkey to do the job of the beast of burden for $100.00 to $350.00. Yes, this is sadly the price people pay for the unwanted donkey that is forced to work and live a horrible life.

How do you think they are training these donkeys to walk a cow? Tying the cow up for a few hours to prepare for the donkey. Now attach a harness to the neck of the donkey attached to the cow and place them in a small space. What could possibly go wrong? If the donkey is an extrovert personality the donkey will panic, rear up, bite the cow in the eyes, nose, ears, and lips and kick at the cow trying to escape causing injuries to the donkey and the cow. If the donkey is an introverted personality the donkey will freeze, try to lay down, and will get drug by the cow as he/she freezes. Have you seen people dragging a donkey behind a car? It’s another form of abuse due to the ignorance of humans not understanding the donkey’s need for self-preservation. Now let’s think about what happens if the bull is angry, he is going to attack the donkey that is tethered and tied to the bull. By the time the humans get them untied serious injuries even life-threatening injuries to the donkey. Time to buy another cheap donkey and dispose of the donkey’s body.

Donkey Tethered To A Cow
Donkey Tied To A Bull

Have you ever heard the saying, no animal on the farm gets a free lunch? The donkeys are being used to teach a cow, steer, or bull how to lead on a halter as the human did not take the time to train the cow when the calf was young. Now the donkey is tethered to the cow at the neck of the donkey. The donkey wants to get away from the cow but cannot, as he is tethered creating torture to the cow and the donkey. The donkeys that survive will walk around in a daze trying to get away from the horrible constraints of being tied by the neck to the cow, which in many cases is double or triple the weight of the donkey. This donkey is now sold as a trained donkey to halter break a cow, steer, or bull.

Sadly, donkeys that have been abused by humans and treated unfairly will have a very difficult time trusting humans again. These donkeys will not want to get the halter on, will not want to have their hooves trimmed, and will dream of the day they get to die so the pain and suffering ends.

Donkeys are intelligent, they are as smart as dolphins and have a memory like an elephant. Everything humans due to the donkey is stored for life, everything. When a new human brings home a donkey who has survived physical and emotional trauma the donkey will be standoffish and will not want anything to do with humans. This is why I do what I do to teach the owner or caretaker how to tame and train donkeys. I teach via Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand with my E-book worldwide.


Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

How Do I Give My Donkey Exercise

Donkeys evolved from the desert making their metabolism different from the horse. Donkeys thrive on low sugar and protein forage. Donkeys living in the wild walk up to sixteen miles per day searching for food and water. Creating a Paddock Paradise track is a game changer for the health and life of donkeys, mules and horses living in domestication on green lush farm land.

What happens if my donkey becomes obese? Insulin resistance, laminitis, colic, fat in the blood, fat pockets on the body, the neck gets so fat the crest breaks over forever, hoof abscesses, white line disease meaning the hoof rots off. Sadly, the donkey dies a slow painful death due to not feeding the correct forage low sugar/protein and not giving portion control. Yes, donkeys need portion control.

The benefits to feeding a healthy balanced diet with exercise is healthy donkeys without the tears and stress of trying to find a veterinarian to save the donkeys life. Please learn how to care for your desert equine the most beautiful and humble of all the equine the donkey.

Looking for personal consulting sign up under Donkey Trainer.

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Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Melody Johnson, trainer and owner.

Oscar’s Place Donation

We are excited to share our Instagram GIVEAWAY a donation of four adjustable premium donkey halters with matching lead lines to Oscar’s Place. Please take a look at Oscar’s Place to see all the great work they are doing to save the donkeys.


Two Miniature donkey adjustable premium soft yacht rope halter with a matching six-foot lead line, solid brass or stainless steel twist safety snap, and a black leather end stamped Donkey Whisperer Farm ®. No metal, even to finish as the halter ends are melted. Built to last will hold its value longer than other halters and leads.

Two Adjustable Burro or Standard donkey halter made with premium soft yacht rope comes with a matching nine-foot lead line, stainless steel twist safety snap, black leather end stamped Donkey Whisperer Farm ®. No metal, even to finish as the halter ends are melted. Built to last will hold its value longer than other halters and leads.

Donkey Halter

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkeys Are High Risk For Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Donkeys evolved from the desert meaning one of their gifts is to survive and thrive on low sugar/protein forage. When donkeys are fed the wrong foods and given the ability to graze twenty-four seven on pasture and brush along with fruits, cereal treats, oats and even vitamins they can gain weight quickly and become obese.

What Is Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) do horses get it?

Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is a disorder causing the blood insulin levels to become too high along with fat on the body and in the blood. Making it very difficult for equine (horses, donkeys, ponies) to lose weight. Donkeys with EMS produce higher than normal levels of insulin and are slow to return to a normal value.

Donkey side effects:

A fat donkey, cresty neck, fat pockets on the body, diarrhea, drinking more water, chronic hoof abscesses, laminitis, white line disease, cushing’s, laminitis.

How Can I Prevent EMS?

Watch the diet closely, work with your vet to do preventive care such a blood work and Thyro-L for a short amount of time along with diet and exercise.

What Can I Do To Help My Donkey or Horse that has EMS?

Do not starve your equine. Test your hay before you purchase it for the year. A great place to send off hay samples is Equine Analytical Lab. Use a slow feeder we use the Hay Pillow using 1 1/4 holes. Last but most importantly portion control you may need to weigh your hay. If you have a thin donkey needing to gain weight you may have to create another eating arrangement for the obese donkey. Do not let this equine graze on grass or brush ever as the sugar is too high.

Weigh your donkey regularly

Create a track for your equine to walk and run keep moving but not eat fresh grass. A great book is Paddock Paradise.

If you need help selecting a blanket I am here to help you. Order in our store at Donkey Whisperer Farm ®.

donkey blanket
donkey blanket

How Do I Measure My Donkey For A Blanket?

Thank you for investing in your donkeys,

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Measure A Donkey For A Blanket

donkey blanket
Miniature donkey blanket

Donkeys evolved from the desert their thick fur makes it very difficult to stay wet and cold in freezing and below-freezing weather. Donkeys are prone to hypothermia much faster than a horse and can get frostbite, laminitis, and sadly death.

“A blanket is like a fire extinguisher we have it ready to go before the emergency hits. Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®.”

How can I keep my donkey healthy during freezing weather?

Provide shelter with a door during high winds and freezing weather. Warm clean water, lose salt and a slow feeder with hay. A blanket that fits a donkey is vital as when a donkey is shaking, shivering and blowing diarrhea we need to get the blanket on quickly. This is not the time to measure for a blanket. The blanket should be measured and ordered way ahead of time.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is a dealer for Kensington Protective Products we are excited to share that Kensington is now making custom donkey blankets made to fit a donkey. When you order from the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® store you will get custom donkey blankets, sold with a lifetime warranty.

Watch my Free YouTube Video Measure A Donkey For A Blanket.

Donkeys Are Prone To Hypothermia

donkey blanket
Miniature donkey blanket

Donkey Lovers, Please learn the facts not the myths about donkeys. Order Donkey Blankets, tack and E-training in our store at

Did you know that Donkeys are more likely to be hypother-mic than horses? Sadly donkeys can move quickly into Hypothermia. Meaning their body temperature drops and can not go back to a normal temperature.

What happens if a donkey survives hypothermia? Laminitis, the hoof turning soft rotting off to the point the donkey needs prosthetic. 🙁

Thinking your fat donkey is safe? Metabolic health issues can cause the donkey to not be able to regulate the extreme cold. Please be prepared for severe cold and wind chills.

Signs a donkey needs a blanket;

Shivering, shaking and blowing diarrhea.

Preventative care for the winter:

Shelter, slow feeder, warm clean water, salt and blankets (2).


A blanket is like a fire extinguisher we are prepared before the trauma hits. Measuring for a blanket, selecting the correct weight of a blanket, finding a donkey blanket that fits, taming the donkey to wear a blanket and finally waiting for shipping.

Are Donkeys Expensive To Care For

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® has had donkeys and horses in our life since 2007, all of our donkeys and horses live in their forever home. We have experienced bringing home a baby donkey to sadly caring for the elderly donkeys and burying donkeys humanely. I am going to explain the truth about donkeys not the myth or the incorrect information shared on the internet and social media.

Watch my Free Youtube Video Bringing Your Donkey Home

Donkeys evolved from the desert the diet is one of the most important considerations in owning donkeys. Why? Donkeys were given the git to survive in the desert, over grazing, feeding the wrong foods will cause life threatening health issues for donkeys. Donkeys hooves are pointy unlike the horse as they were created to live in the desert. Donkeys cannot stand in urine, feces and mud without having hoof issues their thick fur coat needs to stay dry you must have a shelter. Think about what the donkey has to eat in the desert and you will have a clear understanding of why the donkey cannot graze on brush and grass and eat human breads, cookies, grains and oats without becoming obese and dying a painful death. Give lose free salt with minerals never vitamins. Please remember all hay or straw must be tested to come in at ten percent or lower in sugar and protein along with portion control. We can not look at hay by the color or the brand i.e., orchard, timothy or teff and know it is low in sugar and protein. Do not feed beet pulp or Alfalfa to a donkey. Low sugar/protein hay starts with the farmer making sure his soil has all the nutrients needed nitrogen and more. Cutting the field when the hay seeds have popped, and cutting on a gray day or early in the morning helps to ensure low Sugar and protein.

How can I find low sugar/protein hay?

Send hay samples off to Equine Analytical Lab before purchasing hay for the year. We use a slow feeder Hay Pillow fed inside the shelter locked inside of the High Country Plastic Slow Feeder. Feed two two meals a day morning and night is sufficient. When winter comes donkeys will need more meals to keep warm. Provide warm clean water using a heated bucket or bring warm water to your donkeys within 2 hours of feeding during freezing temperatures. Read Donkey Winter Care.

standard donkey
Mario and Luca

Donkey Shelter Big Enough For All Of Your Donkeys:

Donkeys need shelter to get out of the hot sun, wind, rain and snow. Make sure your shelter has a door that can open and close. Donkeys love to go in and out of the shelter when their food, water and lose salt is inside the shelter. Closing the door during fireworks, high winds and for teaching Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand is needed.

Quality fences and gates:

Donkeys are smart, they can watch us do something and repeat it. We use electro-braid hot wire for the paddocks and hot wire tracks. The exterior of our farm to keep neighborhood dogs and coyotes etc., out is Red Brand horse woven fence.

Storage for hay for one year:

After you test and find low sugar/protein hay testing 10% or lower in sugar and protein purchase enough hay to last one year.

Donkey Training:

I train the owner or caretaker how to tame and train the donkey via Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand with my E-book to print out. Sold with lifetime access. If you require personal consulting and coaching hire me under Donkey Trainer.

Hoof Care:

Hooves need to be trimmed by a farrier or trimmer every six weeks in the spring and summer and seven weeks in the fall and winter.

Shots and Veterinarian Care Required:

All donkeys need a veterinarian to come to the farm at least once a year. If you do not have a vet doing preventative care you will not be able to call a vet in an emergency. Vets do not come to farms that are not their customers. In the spring the vet will come to give shots and dental care. The minimum shots given to our donkeys as they do not travel to shows or other farms are Rabies, West Nile and Tetanus. All donkeys need the vet to check their teeth, jaw and gums once a year. Do not skip this as this is one of the most important preventive care medical procedures needed. Why? Donkeys are stoic they will not show us pain or suffering until in most cases it is too late. Colic is preventable.

Worming Donkeys, Mules and Horses:

I collect poop samples from all of my equine and give them to my vet twice a year spring and fall. My vet tells me which wormer to give my donkeys based on the fecal count and the part of the world we each live in. Over worming causes resistant parasites and can make the immune system suffer. Do not over worm your equine.

Exercise is vital to your donkeys health. Create a track made out of hot wire connected back to the shelter and sacrifice paddock. Donkeys love to run and play on their track browsing and exploring.

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Care Winter

Freezing Weather With A Horrific Wind Chill Is An Emergency For Most Farm Animals.

“A blanket is like a fire extinguisher, we are prepared before the emergency hits” Melody Johnson. Some equine (donkeys, horses and mules) need a blanket until the freezing temps leave. Shivering, shaking and blowing diarrhea means they need a blanket. As hypothermia begins to set in, the core body temperature begins to drop.

Basic Care Needed:

Provide a slow feeder with hay, clean warm water and free lose salt. If you do not have an electric bucket to plug in bring your equine warm clean water within two hours of each meal.

Shut the door in the shelter if you have high winds with below 0 freezing temperatures. Frost bite can be prevented. Ordering a blanket at the last minute is almost impossible due to shipping and roads etc., plan ahead. Frostbite is also more common in donkeys and mules that have longer ears.

Providing shelter from wind and moisture is the single most important thing you can do.

Watch the footing for ice. Ice accidents can become a serious medical emergency.

Where Can I Find A Blanket for my donkey?

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is a dealer for Kensington we can sell any thing they sell using their MAP price always lower than the MSRP. Order Miniature donkey blankets, standard, burro, baby donkeys or Mammoth directly from me. I will help you find the best fitting blanket and weight for the cold with a life time warranty from Kensington. Send me an e-mail at asking for support. We have had donkeys in our life since 2007, if you need consulting sign up under Donkey Trainer for anything you need help with.

Thank you for investing in your donkeys,

Melody Johnson,

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Bringing Home Mario and Luca

Mario and Luca came to live with us on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® two and half weeks after Tuba died. Tuba was bonded to Oboe both standard donkeys. Oboe has been in heavy mourning since loosing his buddy Tuba. Please note; if your donkeys companion dies you must get another donkey same sex and size as quickly as possible as donkeys can go into a deep depression and stop eating and drinking causing death from grief. Read Goodbye To Tuba.

standard donkey
Oboe and Tuba

Mario (4) and Luca (10) began their life as wild donkeys living in Fort Irwin, CA. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (PVDR) humanely captured them, no helicopters, did health checks, shots, worming, gelding, and made sure they were tamed and haltered plus pick up their hooves before sending them to the adoption center. If you are looking to adopt two donkeys I highly recommend PVDR. Donkeys train humans quickly to do exactly what they want to do. If you are thinking about adopting donkeys please get into my program Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand as I teach you how to use words, timing and powerful exercises building a powerful relationship for life with your donkeys. If you do not learn how to become a fair leader for your donkeys they will become the leader of you quickly. Donkeys can act like they know how to absolutely nothing with a human who is inexperienced with donkeys.


mario luca

We drove to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Riverside, WA to pick these boys up from Sequim, WA encountered snow and ice it was a road trip to say the least. God is amazing we had favor going over to get them and bringing them home. Thank you Jesus! Did you know donkeys ride lose in the trailer? Yes as donkeys will brace their butt up against the trailer and ride without being tied. These boys spent one week in our miniature donkey barn, paddock and track on the other side of Oboe and our three miniature donkeys. I wanted to be sure we built a connection before moving them into the larger paddock with Oboe and on our large donkey track to run and play. Additionally I began the first exercise in Donkey 101 and they did outstanding. I am happy to report these boys are bonding with me quickly showing no signs of abuse from humans and are now living with Tuba and spending their entire day with Tuba and the miniature donkeys on the large track. Our farrier was scheduled to come to the farm the following week these boys arrived, their hooves needed to be trimmed so we got it done. I can tell you first hand that donkeys need to trust both their owner and the farrier. Mario did the typical donkey freeze for the hoof trims and Luca put up a fight. I ended up having to tie him to do his hooves as they had to be done. I continue to work with both boys in my E-Training Donkey 101 & 102 (pick up the feet) to prepare for the next farrier visit in just five more weeks.

The farm is beginning to feel normal again as we have six donkeys and two horses. We continue to grieve for Rio our Mammoth donkey and Tuba each and every day they are no doubt in heaven together as God brought them home. We know we will see them again. Peace and harmony is slowly coming back to our farm.

Donkeys heading out

Donkey Training 101 & 102 Video On Demand, sold with lifetime access and my E-book to print out.

I will be adding Mario and Luca into my E-Training program Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand, trailer loading and sharing how I teach them words, whoa, walk-on, over, foot, back-up and the ground tie whoa. I will be adding them into my link line walk two donkeys using one lead line.

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®