What To Do When Your Donkey Has A Hoof Abscess

Here at Donkey Whisperer Farm ® we get more inquiries about hoof abscesses in donkeys than any other healthcare issue. Due to this common, but dreadful hoof ailment, we have decided to share our personal experience here at the farm with you through our new Donkey Healthcare Video ‘Donkey Hoof Abscesses’. Order Donkey Hoof Abscess.

Donkeys are stoic meaning they will hide pain, the donkey is sound in the morning and by the afternoon the donkey looks like he/she has a broken leg. Some hop on three legs or have a slight limp in the beginning. The donkey lays down too much. This is a sign of a hoof abscess and we the owners need to know what to do to get the donkey out of pain quickly.

We have over seventeen years of experience treating mild to life-threatening abscesses in donkeys with veterinarian guidance, as well as alone in the field. Over the years Donkey Whisperer Farm ® has developed a strict and successful protocol for preventing, treating, and overcoming hoof abscesses all has been taught to us from our veterinarians.

It is vital that every donkey owner and caretaker understand that hoof abscesses in donkeys can be fatal and should not be considered a routine health problem. In the Donkey Whisperer Farm ‘Donkey Hoof Abscesses’ Video we outline causes, prevention, do’s and don’ts, home care, pain control, and recovery from donkey hoof abscesses.

This is a must-have donkey healthcare video for every donkey owner or caretaker! As we say at Donkey Whisperer Farm: it is not IF your donkey gets a hoof abscess, but WHEN your donkey gets a hoof abscess! The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® teaches you the owner or caretaker how to treat the abscess without cutting a hole out of the foot. If after four days the abscess has not drained out it is time to call the vet. We are not vets. The hoof takes 1 year to grow out. Order Donkey Hoof Abscess.

Farm living is a blessing, a personal choice, and its hard work. Very few vacations, time to travel as the farm is a full-time job.  Owning any form of equine (donkey, mule, or horse) is not cheap. The cost for hay, vet, the trimmer is all rising each and every day. We must understand the vet is the team leader for the health of our equine. The trimmer follows the vet’s instructions.

The owner is 100% responsible for each and every step that is being taken to keep the farm healthy.

Anytime I can share information that can get the donkey, mule or horse out of pain and suffering fast I promise to do it. 

We have six donkeys and two horses living on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ®, out of the six donkeys only one donkey has never had a hoof abscess in the last thirteen years. I teach worldwide the owner of a donkey or mule how to train and care for the equine. E-training is always the best way to learn. Preparation is the key to solving any crisis and keeping our money. Select Donkey 101 E-TRAINING Video On Demand

If we can be prepared in training the donkey, mule or horse to pick up the feet without a fight. Trust us as a leader it is easy to soak the foot and create the hoof boot. First, we have to learn how to train and stay in the leadership position the entire time we are with our equine.

Select Donkey 102 Video On Demand is problem-solving. 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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Preventing Sunburns In Donkeys, Horses and Mules

Donkeys, horses and mules with pink skin are at risk for sunburns and skin cancer. Prevention is number one, use sun screen, fly masks with UV filters and shade.

donkey sunburn
Sunburn Donkey


Select Protecting your Horse from the sun

Select Skin Cancer

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Death With Dignity For Our Donkey, Horse or Mule

Living the farm life is a blessing as farms are expensive to maintain, our world has become very expensive. The life of a farmer is amazingly difficult as each day something new is left at our feet. A farmer must pray, plan and let go. Nothing is more difficult than working for a year and having the weather destroy crops or livestock.


I teach the owner or caretaker worldwide how to care for the donkey and train and maintain the donkey. Everything we do or do not do will affect the health of our livestock emotionally, physically and mentally. Here on the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® we work closely with our veterinarian and farrier to ensure our donkeys and horses are living in optimum health.

Our Life is in God’s hands, each day is fragile and precious for humans and animals. 

Resources: Options To Bury The Body Of Our Beloved Horse, Donkey or Mule

Resources: Sending The Equine To Heaven

Have A Plan:

When a donkey, horse or mule dies it is very important to let the rest of the herd smell and see the equine has passed. If we do not provide closure the animals will live in emotional distress crying and looking for their pasture buddy. Even when one of our dogs pass we let the other dogs say goodbye. Its only fair.


God Bless You And Your Family Two And Four-Legged

Donkey Whisperer Farm

Melody & Scott Johnson

Mules Of The Grand Canyon

Stick and String

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The Donkey Whisperer Farm is saving donkeys lives one owner at at time. We train the owner or caretaker to train the donkey via our DONKEY 101 & DONKEY 102 E-VIDEO ON DEMAND SERIES.

Thank you for sharing the Donkey Whisperer Farm with the donkey owner/lover in your life!

Horse Choking Vet YOUTUBE

Flat Halter Vs Rope Halter

Rope Halters vs Flat Halters



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With the huge movement of “natural” horsemanship, rope halters have become quite popular as a training aid. They work on pressure points on the Donkey, Mule and Horse’s face. No need to use a rough rope that causes the nose to bleed. We make soft yacht rope which works but is humane.

Donkeys, horses and mules can push into pressure, crowding the human and or dragging the human around. Equine learn quickly how to read the human and lead the human.

The rope halter that fits the donkey, mule or horse will speed up your leadership skills and training time. In fact the moment the equine feels a perfect fitting soft rope halter on their face changes. They can feel the difference.

The rope halter is one training tool.
Teaching the owner to learn how to release pressure. Feel and give clear feedback is what I call the 3 second rule. Select http://www.donkeywhisperer.com/onlinetrainingcourse.htm

 We are working on Donkey 102 now for the feet and more.The flat halter works like a dog on a harness, we have all seen a large dog dragging the human around on a harness.

The donkey is strong, stronger than most horses his or her size. Donkeys, horses and mules learn quickly they are stronger than their owner or caretaker. The flat halter has no pressure points.

One of the most common things I see with the spoiled, naughty or fearful donkey is dragging the human around. This is frustrating and dangerous.

Most donkeys never see a halter unless it is time for the vet, trimmer or to move to a new farm. We created E-TRAINING DONKEY 101 to change this. When the Donkey Whisperer Farm students go out to the farm the donkey comes running. This is time to have fun, be with their human leader.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC trains the owner or caretaker to train the donkey using resistant free methods based on the personality of the owner and the donkey. Behavior training for the owner is essential to success.

Donkeys are strong, smart not stubborn. You must have a plan to train a donkey. Donkeys are not horses with long ears.

Donkeys that are trained will release from pressure. Ground tie. Send into a stall, pasture or horse trailer easily.

Please never leave any halter on your donkey, horse or mule while turned out on the farm to avoid self-mutilation or death.


Mules Getting A Massage

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Never stubborn, smart. 🙂



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What Age Is My Donkey, Horse, or Mule Full Grown?

rio baby donkey
Mammoth donkeys are full-grown at age six or seven. Rio our mammoth donkey was seven as he grew to be 16’2 hands tall.

Standard or burro size donkeys are full-grown at age four.

Miniature donkeys age three.

Horses five to eight depends on the height and breed.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®