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Thanksgiving Storms


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC




Donkey Behaviorist Melody Johnson Trains The Owner To Train The Donkey

We are all about donkeys, mules and horses!

Donkey Whisperer Farm is all about donkeys, mules and horses! We celebrate, educate and promote these magnificent and intelligent beings. We are dedicated to building public awareness about equine personality, behavior and are deeply invested in educating and empowering you with safe, holistic, resistance-free training methods that foster a strong bond between you and your equine. Training the Owner or Care Taker How To Train The Donkey.

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Playing Tourist, “Hurricane Ridge and Port Angeles, WA”

Scott (hubby) and I went to Hurricane Ridge for the day last weekend, after to Port Angeles to see the Oil Tanker coming into Seattle for Repair. We got an even bigger surprise a yacht was parked in the Port Angeles, docking station with a helicopter on the back. Must be nice to live like this. Never been on a yacht, it’s on my bucket list. I have been in a helicopter but it was to airlift me to Harborview after the semi-truck accident in 2010. Perhaps one day I can go for a helicopter ride around Hawaii or something fun.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, owner of Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC





Ruby Beach, Ocean and Lake Crescent, March, 1st, 2015


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson















Riding a donkey up the cliff to Fira

Sad but true how cruel is this for a small donkey to carry a 200 pound  human?

A donkey should only carry 20% of its weight including the saddle. Never forget this, you can be a human angel and stop abuse of our worlds animals. Speak up!

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Select fat people riding small donkeys to see how tourist will abuse a small donkey by riding them. This is so sad, all for money.