Donkey Love

When a donkey bonds to another donkey, animal or human it is for life. Donkeys are deep thinkers, donkeys feel deeply, donkeys can feel our pain and will even smell our leg after surgery. Yes, donkeys are truly one of Gods most amazing animals. 

Donkeys will push the other donkeys out-of-the-way to be first to get our attention when this human animal bond has formed. Years can pass and the donkey will never forget our voice and smell. Never.  I pray that you will share this post to help other people learn about these amazing majestic desert equines, the donkey.

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to study in our online Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 E-Training Series. Remember we need tools to do any job correctly the donkey needs a halter that fits. We sell donkey halter/lead lines. Our stick and string is used to touch the donkey never to hit the donkey. Please understand the stick and string is used to desensitize the donkey before sticking our head in the kick zone. Donkeys can kick, forward, backwards and sideways with 3 legs on the ground.

When training, I use only resistance-free techniques. I train the owner to use words, facial expressions, voice and timing. NOT CLICKER TRAINING. Training a donkey can be challenging as donkeys do not learn and respond like a horse. Donkeys are visual learners and are seriously into self-preservation. Donkeys require you to think ahead and have a positive plan and you must move and respond On Donkey Time ™ meaning never drill a donkey. Donkeys gravitate towards firm leadership and clear, calm boundaries. In this way donkeys inspire us to cultivate our finest human qualities.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm

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  1. Ksbeth took my words. Amazing. We had a outdoor story about Jesus birth Sat. and Sun. evening. Our pastor was able to find 3 camels and a donkey for the production. Mary came in on a donkey. I wonder how the donkey related to Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus at His birth. Do you think the donkey knew that that was His Creator? Interesting thought.

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