Did you know over worming your equine can cause resistant free parasites?

Yes! I rescued a few equine in 2014 and purchased two mini donkeys. I have been fighting Ivermectin Resistant Free worms for almost two years. This is serious business. Just when my fecal count comes back solved the host equine starts it up again.

Please do not just worm your donkeys, horses and mules every other month without a fecal test. Like people with antibiotics resistance free parasites are becoming a serious problem on farms.

What We Should Do To Prevent Worms?

  1. Pick up the poop every day, compost, do not drag out in the field they eat in until the poop is 100% compost, removing parasites.
  2. Keep any host (equine with worms) separate from the rest of the equine until the fecal test confirms parasites are gone.
  3. Do a fecal sample in the spring and fall.
  4. When you have no more worms your vet will tell you what drug to give for tape worms in the fall.

Select SIDE EFFECTS to parasites




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®



Donkeys, Mules and Horses – Parasites, resistant free WORMS

6 thoughts on “Donkeys, Mules and Horses – Parasites, resistant free WORMS

  1. Holistic person. Do natural worming (and many other natural practices) for my horses and my mule. My mule is new to my family. Adopted her from a rescue. Chemical wormers has been probably her entire life. I have been doing herbal and natural wormers since she came in. Last fecal still detected a worm count needing attention. BUT, it has lowered since I brought her in and is now near that borderline result. So, getting close, which is normal for a chemical loaded, over vaccinated horse/mule. It been 18 months. Takes some time that I am willing to put into it. I refuse to chemical worm her. We are making progress and I have hopes her next fecal, coming up soon will be in the negative range. My horse has such a low fecal count, my vet says he has never seen a horse so clean of parasites. P.S. My secret: Herbal Wormer from Earth Song Ranch & N.O.M.S. from Advanced Biological Concepts, for those difficult cases. Pick up pasture daily around the barn, weekly in the large 5 acre pasture. 2 horses on the 5 acres. Probiotics, Enzymes and Mineral in their diet always! 🙂

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