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First Snow Of 2013

7 thoughts on “First Snow Of 2013

  1. Hey now, gf. That is a bad, vulgar word around these here parts. You can just keep that rotten, nasty stuff to your stuff. Ok? 😉 I could go the next six months with these weird, muggy but mild weather we are having. We don’t need to go around reminding Mother Nature that she is late with the (insert bad word here) LOL 😀

    • I do not want any snow on our farm either as water has to be hand carried our new farm will have water inside the barns yeh! The cold is very hard on me with the three large stainless steel screws in my pelvis so I am no snow advocate but I do miss snow shoeing and skiing. Perhaps one day I will get to enjoy the snow again but it is highly unlikely.

      Hope you are feeling better! What did the doctor say, do you need to go to physical therapy?

      • Good morning. Yeah, he said I ought to go to physical therapy but he never wrote a script for it. I don’t want to have to go to physical therapy but if my strength and endurance doesn’t improve, I will ring him up and have him write a script for in before my next important. I forgot to tell you some things because it was quite late and I was really, really tired. Did I tell you he refilled my oxy but decreased the dose to .5 because he is trying to wean me off of it? But he said that I could take two and it would act as .10 if my pain was really bad. Plus he said that I cannot come and refill it early because now they have to register on the state website about them prescribing narcotics now and stuff. So he wanted me to make an appointment for on or a few days before my script runs out. He also checked out my incision and said it looked good. And it really does. It looks so much better than my bikini scar. But they cut open my bikini scar three times to get in so of course it is going to look horrid. Idk.
        You snow shoe, huh? I have never done that. I am not much for winter sports. My parents, sisters, and I used to snowmobile. My Dad has two. They would used to be have to be fixed before we took them out for the winter. But because my Dad received a promotion and they also relocated him for work, the past 7 years or so, we haven’t gone. Oh how I miss feeling the mist of snow coming over the visor as the sled flies over the powder! My Dad also used to make maple syrup every year too. Used to spend hours out in the shop where his maple syrup making equipment now stands idle and covered with white sheets. I used to bring his dinner and newspaper out to him when I was younger. I don’t think he has done that since my late teens It was such hard work lugging those buckets up to the four wheeler with the wagon attached from the trees through the deep snow. My Dad works for the New York State Department of Transportation so basically he plows the roads in the winter and works to maintain the bridges and roads during the non-snow months. He is now a foreman, he has his own office and he is also off bridge crew…he didn’t like that at all.
        Anyways…I am ok this morning. Today I plan to bake some cookies with Justin before he leaves for his Grandma. I also would like to bake some other stuff too. So so far so good.
        Have a good day. I hope you are well too! 🙂

      • Hi Heather,

        Yes before the semi-truck accident I snow shoe’d with my husband and I also did a bit of snow skiing. Now I cant take the cold at all so those days are just memories. Go to physical therapy it will help you trust me as I went two and three times a week for three years to get this healed. I will be physically disabled the rest of my life but still I am better than I would have been if I did not fight to get my health back.

        Big hug!

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