Happy 10th Birthday Jewel




Jewel is a rescue I found as a puppy in our home town of Kingston, Washington.  It seems like yesterday that I brought her home wiggling, and extremely busy.  Jewel has been my most special dog ever, she and I are very connected and when GOD takes her to heaven it will be very difficult for me.  I love her so very much!


Jewel is 70 years old in people years now and she is having pain with arthritis in her hips, I give her medicine from our vet and it helps but her muzzle is gray now and she has slowed down.  Seems our dogs do not live long enough they are here for such as short time, angels sent for us humans.  When I was at my darkest time stuck in the wheel chair, sleeping in the lazy boy for over four months she would never leave my side as she knew I was hurting.



Pets are truly special and unique they are given to humans as gifts from Jesus to help us navigate this thing called life. Jewel loves her ball, most of my photos she has the ball, whenever I get my shoes on she has one paw on my foot. I love you Jewel!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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  1. What a wonderful tribute to this lovely Dog. I also believe God gave us these wonderful animals to soften our heartsI have 5 wonderful labs and can’t stand to think of them passing, although through the years I have buried many!i will never be without a dog in my life. We rescued all 5 at different times, they each have their pun sad story. But now they are happy dogs in a forever home! Love your posts, I would love to meet you some day! 🙂 Terry

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    • Hi Theresa,

      I grew up with a Great Dane as a child, a Dachshund dog, had an amazing german shepherd mix, and our last dog died in 2007 he was our Steelee Man a black lab. Lost my kitty shimmer in 2008 a beautiful manx mix and every day I walk by their graves under the old maple tree by the equine barn. This maple tree is at least 100 years a perfect place to lay our friends to rest. We will never be without animals in our life and for sure dogs and cats 🙂 Once I had a pet parolett http://www.exoticbirdsrefuge.org/parolett.html he was a mini parrot named bogi. At the time my husband gave him to me as a birthday present I worked 12 hour days riding the ferry to Seattle and living in Kitsap County, I had no time for a dog. Bogie loved sleeping in my hand and he loves hiding under my hair around my neck, smelling me. When Bogi died it was most difficult too. Thank you for sharing! Big hug!!!

      I would love to meet you to we can skype at Donkeywhispererfarm2010 if you would like to meet in person. 🙂 One day the new Donkey Whisperer Farm on 20 acres will be finished and possibly you can come visit us in Sequim, Washington.


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