Happy 8th Birthday Rio The Mammoth Donkey – Special Price Deal


         Thinking Of  Purchasing A Donkey?

Please remember donkeys can live forty to fifty years in domestication.

Plan on breeding?

Make sure you can care for your donkey for their entire lives.

Plan on selling the babies?

Please create a bill of sale stating you will take the donkey back you brought into this world if the buyer can’t continue to care for the donkey.

Donkeys need to be in your living will as they are just like a horse. Donkeys living in domestication require hoof care every seven weeks, dental care at least once a year, shots, vet checks, fecal samples, wormer as needed.  Every day we need to be picking up poop, picking out the hoofs and checking for sores and providing kisses. Donkeys play rough thus why GOD gave the donkey a very thick neck.

Never let a donkeys live all alone a donkey needs to live with another donkey to be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. Best to let two gelding’s live together or two jennies (females) donkeys. Jacks need to live all alone a sad life and they can get behavioral problems if not worked with professionally.

A jack (intact male) should not be living with another female, baby donkeys or males. A jack donkey is the same as a stallion horse and can become very violent.

Do Your Homework Before Gelding A Donkey

Why?  Donkeys are Not Horses With Long Ears, You must have an experienced vet who has experience in gelding donkeys, make sure your vet ties the donkey off and has gelded a donkey before as sedation can be tricky. Sadly, donkeys can die from over sedation or from not being tied off.

Donkeys evolved from the desert and require a low sugar/protein diet.

Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm we limit grazing time and purchase tested low sugar 2nd cutting Orchard hay coming in at 7% sugar. Need help with how to test your hay? Select Safergrass for more details or work with me for 1 hour. I am a coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner of donkeys, horses and mules. Want to work with me? Select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC.

Donkeys need toys to play tug with their buddy, shelter, clean water, dry climate as too wet can cause hoof problems.

Happy 8th Birthday To Rio our Mammoth Donkey – Coaching, Consulting and Training Special, Purchase 10 lessons and I will give you three more for free. Pay for the 10 lessons and send me an e-mail at Melody@donkeywhisperer.com stating you want the promo code RIO’S BIRTHDAY. 




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We pay KEYBANK to manage all credit card data. I never see your credit card information so you can trust your credit card information on our business website.  After you purchase your 10 lesson package deal I will send you an email via quick-books stating you get the special deal of thirteen lessons for the price of Ten in honor of our Mammoth Donkey Rio Johnson’s b-day today.

Select Testimonials to see how I can train you to train your donkey, horse or mule without you having to leave your home.

How can I purchase the special 10 lesson package deal with an extra three lessons making 13 lessons for the price of 10?

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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