Miniature donkey blanket
Miniature donkey blanket

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A blanket is like a fire extinguisher we hope we do not need to use it. We have it ready and learn how to use it before the emergency hits. Please be prepared. Please train your donkey to accept the blanket before the emergency hits. I blanket senior donkeys (ten or older) as donkeys cannot regulate the cold as they age. When the weather drops into the 20’s  and lower the blankets are put on and removed when the weather returns above freezing. What happens if we do not take care of our senior donkey in the winter? Laminitis, colic and death as donkeys are stoic. Donkeys will never show us pain until in most cases it is too late. Please plan ahead for your donkey.  


I do not blanket my donkeys during the rain. I provide shelter for my donkeys. Add all meals inside the shelter, water and salt. Donkeys can fear the shelter placing food and water, salt in the shelter helps the donkey trust the shelter.  Make sure you do not have a donkey bully kicking your donkey out of the shelter. If this is the case you may need to build another shelter. 

What are the signs a donkey needs a blanket?

Shaking, blowing diarrhea standing frozen and not moving with a glazed dull look in the eyes. Donkeys can get frost bite so pay attention to the wind chill along with the weather. Provide shelter, warm clean water, lose salt with minerals and a slow feeder to help keep the donkey warm. In high winds you may have to lock your donkey(s) in for a few hours.  Never keep a wet blanket on any equine, check for rubs on your donkey daily.  I recommend two blankets for each donkey ready to go as no blanket can last the entire season and stay waterproof.  

How to help our donkeys in the winter:

 * Donkeys, horses, and mules drink more water when its warm and clean in the winter heated bucket, hide the cord or bring warm clean water within 2 hours of feeding at least three times a day during freezing temperatures.

* A little extra hay helps keep them warm. Use a slow feeder, we use the Hay Pillow for all of our donkeys and horses.

*Windchill, pay attention to the true weather forecast.

*  Shelter is a must for all equine, donkeys that stand in the damp cold and have no shelter can get really sick.

* Remember blanketing when it is too warm is not good either as they can over heat 🙂 

Did you know that blankets are made for horses, ponies and foals? Yes! Due to the donkey not having any withers and the round belly it can be a challenge to get a good fitting blanket that is quality for a donkey. Again it is very important we measure and find quality blankets before the emergency hits.
De-sensitizing to wear a blanket:
I always take my donkeys out with the halter/lead line on and let the donkey smell the cloth tape or anything new. If they are afraid of it wont touch it with their mouth I put it on my head and wrap it around my body. Soon I am able to touch my donkey with the tape. 🙂
I am a dealer for Kensington Protective Products I can sell any blanket any size or any product they have at a cheaper price than the MSRP. Why I like Kensington? They sell quality products and offer a lifetime warranty and will send another blanket if the blanket does not fit. I am working with Kensington to make custom donkey blankets, fly masks, and fly leggins just for donkeys.
The miniature horse blankets are what I am selling for mini donkeys. Using the velcro on the chest and under the belly works so much better than the metal clasps as it fits better. Always put the leg straps on as donkeys love to try and take the blanket off their buddy. 
If you need help trying to find a blanket just ask I will do my best to find the best fitting blanket available from Kensington from miniature to mammoth donkeys, mules and horses.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson

How Cold Is Too Cold? – How do we know when to blanket?

4 thoughts on “How Cold Is Too Cold? – How do we know when to blanket?

  1. We never blanket our mini donkey. We did one year when she was a yearling and it caused more problems than anything. And in WA it gets pretty wet and chilly and she was fine so long as she had her little house to go into. They live outside year round but do have run-in shelters. Her coat gets nice and thick and her outter coat keeps the inner nice and dry. It’s so thick!

    • Hi Gwen,

      Thank you for reading my blog and for taking a moment to comment on my blog. Please understand a blanket is like a fire extinguisher we use it when needed. Take it off when wet and replace with a dry blanket. Take the blanket off when the donkey is not sick and shivering or sick.

  2. Thank you for this article. I have a rescue donk who lost most of his hair to bad rain scald. I walked out this morning to see he was shivering. Almost everything else I saw talked about how tough they are. This made a lot of sense. We did get him a blanket, its supposed to be 10deg tonight.

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