Looking To Adopt Donkeys?

Donkeys needing forever homes located at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Riverside WA.


Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Riverside WA

Satellite Adoption Center Mgr, Paulette Quiroga-Jacklin

(509) 322-4995

All of these donkeys have went through the training program at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Please remember to get two donkeys never one unless you have a lonely donkey needing a buddy. Donkeys need to live with another donkey.

Please remember that even if you get a trained equine, donkey, mule or horse you must do the taming and training yourself. Do not throw out in a pasture and expect the donkey to come when called, halter and get the hooves done. Donkeys are so smart they will train you the owner to do exactly what they want to do and nothing more. The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® teaches the owner how to tame and train donkeys and sells adjustable premium soft yacht rope halter lead combo. Order in our store at Donkeywhisperer.com.

Here are some details of our recent arrival:
We received 8 donkeys. 6 geldings (castrated) and 2 jennies.

Of the geldings, we have:
A 13.5yo pink roan
A 4yo pink roan
A 17yo large brown standard
A 2yo gray standard
A 4.5yo blue roan
A 3yo red roan

Of the jennies, we have:
An 11yo white standard
A 3yo gray standard

*The 17yo large brown gelding (named Clyde) and the 11yo white standard jenny (named Lilly) are a very bonded couple and must be adopted together. Clyde CANNOT be around any animals smaller than a standard sized donkey.

*The 4yo pink roan (named Bodie) is bonded to 3yo Rowan (a standard brown) and MUST be adopted together.

This is all the information I have for you at this time. Denise Christensen will, once again, be coordinating the donkey adoptions this year. Once she has Completed her prior commitments and is able to come in to the facility to tag the donkeys with their names, we will be able to share current photos and basic history of each donkey with you on this Facebook page.

She will, then start working with each individual donkey to get a feel for their personalities, characteristics and idiosyncrasies to better serve you with assisting in finding the best choice for your farm, family and animal residents.

When she is ready, we will open our gates to the public for our official Donkey Adoption Meet & Greet. In all fairness to everyone, we will not allow anybody to personally meet the donkeys ahead of the official adoption meet & greet. This way, everybody will receive the news at the same time. That is only fair. I hope you understand.

Also, PVDR has adopted a policy change on adopting a single donkey as a companion to a single horse. Due to the many returns we have gotten from owner’s whose horse did not like and/or could not get along with the donkey or the donkey being bullied by their horse, we will only adopt out a single donkey if there is another donkey at the farm. If not, the adopter will be required to adopt 2 donkeys (however the adoption fee will be discounted). Feel free to give me a call, text or email if you have questions, concerns or comments about this new policy.

Paulette Quiroga-Jacklin
Satellite Adoption Center Mgr
(509) 322-4995

Denise Christensen
Adoption Coordinator
(360) 556-1577