Natural To Blanket Our Beloved Domesticated Horse, Donkey Or Mule?

Domesticated Equine (donkey, horse or mule) Need Us Humans To Use Common Sense.

A blanket is like a fire extinguisher we hope we do not need to use it. We have it ready and learn how to use it before the emergency hits. Please be prepared. Please train your donkey to accept the blanket before the emergency hits. I never blanket unless an emergency or the donkey is suffering cant move due to arthritis and age. As soon as the weather gets out of extreme cold the blanket is off. Or the vet says the stall rest is over etc., No blanket is 100% water proof forever, we must check the blanket for dampness. This is why we have two blankets for each donkey and horse on our farm in case of exreme weather to add a dry blanket until the rain starts again. I DO NOT BLANKET IN THE RAIN.  Warm water in the winter (clean) helps donkeys drink more and lose free salt.  

Rocket Man blanket nov 28, 2014 age 20


Melody Johnson

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

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