Our New Twenty Acre Farm In Sequim, Washington


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



2 thoughts on “Our New Twenty Acre Farm In Sequim, Washington

    • Morning Steve,
      Thank you so very much we feel the same way, GOD is amazing as this land came to us we did not look for it. GOD had the owner living in Alaska call our real-estate agent and walla the deal went thru. I prayed for three years to live on the road we now have as our address in Sequim. For three years I drove past this 20 acre farm land and prayed GOD could give it to us. GOD is amazing he knows everything from the beginning to the end. I am now praying for GOD to send me the perfect buyer to purchase our current five acre home on 5 acres in Kingston, WA – Turn key equestrian Lama, etc., farm, with 6 garages, 3 fire places and an out-door arena. Our home will be up for sale in the spring of 2014. 🙂