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When starting out for the first bath with any horse or donkey it is best to have a plan.  I like to take my time let them try to smell the water and if possible have warm water.  If it is not a day in the 80’s I do not give a bath as it is not good for the equine in my most humble opinion.  I highly recommend not trying to give any equine a bath until you have tamed them and established basic boundaries and social order such as leading, standing, sending into the barn and turning to face you to remove the halter.  Picking up feet all of this must be done before attempting a bath.  Make sure you have your donkeys trust and established leadership before adding spa day to the equine as if they do not trust you and you are not a clear leader this can turn out to be dangerous.

Donkeys do not like water on them and they get nervous so it is best to have one carrot cut up into bite size pieces and give a bite after starting to wet them down. We tie the donkeys to the horse trailer to keep them from struggling.  I never get water in their face as my horse and donkeys do not like this I wash their face by hand with a clean wash cloth.  Remember to go really slow start out wetting down their knees and then work your way up the body careful to not get any water in their eyes and face.

If you make this an enjoyable experience they will look forward to it at least my horse does anyway.  The donkeys not so much they just like to be dirty and do not care for spa day.  We try to give one spa day a year just to get some of the grime off them.

Here are a few photos my husband took after we finished washing them.  My husband does most of the labor I am the carrot feeder, and massage lady.  I keep them calm. Enjoy!







GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Spa Day On The Farm

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    • She is soo fat and I am soo fat but we are still together and it was wonderful to not have to lay on the floor and stretch and cry after giving them a bath. This has been a long three years the medicine is really helping thank you Jesus. I love all your kity photos and updates on FB and I want you to know how honored I am to be your friend. You have been helping me during the darkest times and I am here for you too!

      Big hug!

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