Donkey Halter Made To Fit The Donkey Not The Horse

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Learn how to train your donkey to run to you when you call. Ground tie, wear the halter, take a walk and ride if big enough and old enough to carry the weight. Donkey 101 & 102 trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey. Learn Donkey Behavior, Donkey Stress, relaxation and how to help the difficult donkey. Select Donkey Video On Demand Training. 

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Donkey Halters Made To Fit The Donkey Not The Horse

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Donkey Rope Halters With Matching Lead Line

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Donkey Whisperer Farm rope halters are made specifically for donkeys! Our halters with matching lead line are designed to work together as a powerful training tool. The halter, lead line, unique brass snap and leather popper are created for perfect pressure and release and the brass snap can be used as a compassionate correction device. All halters are hand-made in the USA with high quality marine yacht rope. Yacht rope is impervious to mold and does not unravel or fray. Each halter includes a matching lead line (6 ft for Miniature donkeys and 9 ft for Standard donkeys) with a heavy-duty brass screw on snap and a black leather stamped popper on the end. Our rope halters fit miniature and standard donkeys from 4-months-old to full-grown and are adjustable to guarantee a perfect fit every time! Unlike other rope halters or flat halters our halters with matching lead line are hand made with superior craftsmanship and come with a 

Donkey Whisperer Farm Rope Halters come in 17 gorgeous colors. In Stock colors take 2-3 days delivery time. Special Order colors take 2 business days to ship (See colors below).

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PLEASE NOTE: All Mammoth Donkey Rope Halters are Custom Fit and measured and can be ordered from our ONLINE STORE. For more information see Custom Fit Halters listed below.

Would you like to custom build a halter for your mini, standard, burro, pony, horse or draft? We can do this for you.

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The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC makes the best fitting soft yacht rope halter for a donkey in the world. Our donkey halters are made with soft yacht rope to fit your donkey’s head 100% of the time.

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Donkey Halter Soft Yacht Rope Halter With Matching Lead Lines brass screw on snap, leather end

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Our measurements will fit any mini or standard size donkey from age 4 months to full-grown as they are adjustable. All other equine require a custom fit. After your order is placed we will send you the template to measure and our contractors will build your custom perfect donkey, mule or horse halter with our matching lead line.