Does My Donkey, Horse or Mule Need A Grazing Muzzle?


Consider a track for your donkey. The track will turn to dirt.  The track is used for exercise. No grazing muzzle required. Place a gate in the middle and you can let the donkeys graze in the tall grass in the middle for 1 hour per day. The best time to graze is between 6:00am and 10:00am the sugar level is the lowest.


Wild horses, donkeys, and mules walk at least fifteen to twenty miles a day along with a bit of running when a predator comes.  Domesticated equine today stand around eating and are prone to laminitis, founder, colic, hoof abscesses, and eventually death.  “All of these things can be avoided if we understand that the equine is built to eat a little bit of grass and walk, eat a little and walk, run, sweat, and move their feet.  Donkeys are always easy keepers and cannot stand out in the lush brush, green grass, oats, and grain while being a couch potato standing around the farm.”

“If you get educated about the diet, learn how to keep your equine healthy you will save vet bills, money, tears, stress, and most of all the life of your beloved equine.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm

Did you know laminitis is a man-made problem? 

Yes. Diet and Exercise is the issue.

Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm ®, I limit the amount of time our equine get to go out to eat grass to half an hour in the morning.

Each of us needs to make our own decisions as to what is best for our beloved Donkey, horse, or mule and we must never forget the animal did not choose us we chose them. We are smart human and it is our job to get educated and provide them with the best life possible.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson