Happy Birthday To Rio The Mammoth Donkey

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Rio turned 13 years old! Wow time has flown so fast as Rio came into our life at 9 months.  Rio is a Mammoth donkey, not a mule.  Rio stands 16’2 hands at the withers.

Resource: History Mammoth Donkey


Donkey Whisperer Farm ®


Rio Our Mammoth Donkey Is All Grown Up – 16’1 hands tall and six years old


Just look at him he is a full-grown Mammoth donkey, no longer a baby Mammoth donkey as Rio is seven years old now.   Rio is a Mammoth donkey 100% donkey no horse and he is 16’1 at the withers not counting his ears.

Are you interested to know the story about Mammoth donkeys?

Select History of  The Largest Donkey The Mammoth Donkey  to learn how the Mammoth donkeys arrived in America and how George Washington the President of the United States is connected to the Mammoth donkey.

Rio is the ambassador for the Mammoth donkey his face is posted all over the world to help educate people for donkeys, Rio is truly a gorgeous donkey. GOD is amazing!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!