Riding Reins Yacht Rope Spanish Knot


Split Riding Reins are Made with 3/8 black yacht rope.  Each is made by hand in the U.S.A. Each spanish knot is carefully made by hand, making quality tack at an affordable price. Slide the keeper on the reins for a perfect ride.

Spanish Knot Colors; brown, dark blue, pacific blue, black, raspberry, neon green, or tan.  

Yacht rope will never mold or frail. Dirty? Wash in a bucket of warm soapy water and let dry.

The buttons or spanish knots you see at various places on the reins add style and eye appeal.  The romal rein is always the same length on each side when you hold it in your hand using the spanish knot keeper. The large popper on the end of the reins are used as a training aide.

Reins are 8 ft. in length.

Riding Reins Spanish Knot

Donkey Whisperer Farm Training

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Our donkey halter measurements will fit any mini or standard size donkey age four-months to full-grown. We sell quality handmade soft yacht rope halters with a brass screw on snap, leather end.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm provides outstanding customer service and quality assurance for our customers.  We sell the best donkey rope halter with matching lead lines in the world. You will not need another halter or lead line for many, many years to come.

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HANDMADE IN THE U.S.A. Quality materials, quality halter for a perfect fit. The perfect rope halter will help your donkey learn to give to pressure without any abuse.


Wash in a bucket of warm soapy water and let dry. Yacht rope will never mold.

Shipping is Free in the U.S.A. We proudly ship worldwide.

Build a custom fit halter with matching lead line.

We will teach you how to measure the head. Our contractor will hand make your custom fit halter with matching soft yacht rope, a brass screw on snap and leather end.

E-Training “Donkey 101” Take Melody Johnson to the farm with you via your smart device.

Introducing Donkey 101 Online Training Video Course!

Donkey Whisperer Farm is proud to announce Donkey 101 Online Training Video Course, the first in a series of online training courses By Trainer Melody Johnson. Donkey 101 teaches the fundamentals of resistance-free, natural training for you and your donkey. We offer a holistic training approach that includes insight and guidance into donkey psychology, emotion and behavior. Donkey 101 focuses on unique and proven techniques that train you, the owner, to train your donkey so you and your donkey enjoy a balanced, positive and rewarding relationship. Donkey 101 includes 19 instructional videos and a PDF addressing the topics below. You own lifetime access to your videos!


A Small Training Area
Training Tools
On Donkey Time
Building Trust
Three Second Rule
Personal Space
Your Donkey Catches You
Walk-On and Whoa
You are the Leader!
How to Ground Tie
Going in and out of Stalls
Introverts and Extroverts
Backing up
Teaching “Over”
Walk-On, Whoa and Back Up
Donkeys are not Stubborn!
Going in and out of Gates
Taking Your Donkey for a Walk

We recommend each Course participant purchase a Donkey Whisperer Farm Rope Halter. Our rope halters are made in the USA with high quality yacht rope. Visit our ONLINE STORE to purchase your rope halter and the Donkey 101 Online Training Video Course.

Once purchased, each participant will receive a Welcome E-mail within 24 hours of your purchase. The e-mail will include a link to the Donkey 101 PDF and a link to the password protected Donkey 101 Online Training Video Series. You own lifetime access to your video 101 Online Training Course. Please add info@donkeywhisperer.com to your address book to ensure your Welcome E-mail does not go to spam.

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