Small Farms Of America Are Dying

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Owning a small farm is a dream come true for me and my husband Scott. As children we both have found memories of the family farms. Now that we are in our late fifties something has drastically changed, small farms are being sold for cash something most farmers would never think of doing ever.

Hay Field Plowed


Scott plowing the field fall 2019

What has changed over the last sixty years?

Big farms can sell their produce much cheaper than small farms.  Customers support the big farm over the small farm by shopping in the store over and over and not thinking about the little farm down the road.  Another huge issue; the new workforce does not want to work as hard as a farmer they want a desk job no more than eight hours with a half hour lunch.

In the past people started farms for the lifestyle and the freedom to work hard and earn a fair living. Today if a person wants to start a small farm, they had better have a full-time job or savings to pay for it. Why? Farming is expensive it’s not a business anymore but more of a hobby for most people new to farming. No profit is seen for up to seven or ten years. That’s a long time to not get any profit while working seven days a week, long hours and no vacation ever. Farmers rarely take a vacation as the cost is not prohibitive to leave the farm.

Please support small farms. Purchase from our store  now.

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Resources: America Loves The Idea Of Family Farms

Death Valley’s Wild Burros~ —

Seems the park would want people to come and visit the park. The donkeys are part of the excitement of the visit. The decision was made to protect plants in lieu of the wild burros. Truly a sad day for the United States Of America.

Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the lower ’48 consisting of 5,270 mi² s of barren, beautiful desert. It holds the world record for the hottest place on earth topping out at 134 F in 2013. Burros (donkeys) were introduced to the park by gold miners in the 1800’s. Some escaped and […]

Death Valley’s Wild Burros~ —

Will You Help Stop Horse, Donkey And Mule Slaughter?




Mules Of The Grand Canyon

Hercules Anti Heat Seeking Missile Flare – Makes Angel

Anti Heat Seeking Missile Flare Test

flare or decoy flare is an aerial infrared countermeasure used by a plane or helicopter to counter an infrared homing (“heat-seeking”) surface-to-air missile or air-to-air missile. … The aim is to make the infrared-guided missile seek out the heat signature from the flare rather than the aircraft’s engines.

American Soldier – Thank You For Your Service

Toby Keith – American Soldier


Memorial Day – Rolling Thunder 2018

Select Injured Marine Holds Salute For Three Hours

Donkey Halters Made To Fit Your Donkey Not A Horse


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Mini and Standard soft yacht rope halters  with matching lead lines, (our measurements) will fit from age four-months to full-grown.

Build your halter to fit your equine:

If you want to custom fit your donkey, horse or mule we now offer this service. This is a special order. Contact us at to learn how easy it is for us to build your equine a perfect fitting soft yacht rope halter/lead line with a brass screw on snap. Length of lead lines come in 3 sizes. 6ft for mini, 9ft for standard and 12ft for a Mammoth donkey, mule or a horse.

We are proud to provide our quality soft yacht rope halters worldwide. Our customers are excited to get a perfect fitting rope halter made to last. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.A.

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Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Donkey Whisperer Farm Is Proud To Sell Soft Yacht Rope Riding Reins

The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC is proud to share we are now selling riding reins. Loop and split with SOFT yacht rope. Made in the U.S.A. Choose between a silver snap or brass. 

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Golden Eagle Sequim Washington

The photo above was captured from Pinterest 

The Donkey Whisperer Farm sits in the Dungeness Valley of Sequim, WA. Today while working on the farm I saw a golden eagle. I look forward to photo shooting these magnificent birds.

Have you ever seen a Golden Eagle?

Wow is all I can say!

Soon I will be able to capture my own photo of this amazing gigantic bird. This bird will not fly close to me he stays away at safe distance unlike the Bald Eagle.

Donkeys, Horses, Rainbows and Ballons On The Donkey Whisperer Farm


Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Save The Wild Horses and Burros (donkeys) From Slaughter Extinction

Select 1971 Bill  Protects Wild Burros (donkeys) and horses

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Select Change.ORG 


Warning this video is horrific abuse and not for the eyes of a child.

Select Save the Wild Horses and Burros (donkeys)

Urgent Action Needed: Stop Horse Slaughter in Senate Appropriations

Select Find Your Senator Now

Senate Appropriations Members

  • Alabama: Richard Shelby (202) 224-5744
  • Alaska: Lisa Murkowski (202)-224-6665
  • Arkansas: John Boozman (202) 224-4843
  • California: Dianne Feinstein (202) 224-3841
  • Connecticut: Chris Murphy (202) 224-4041
  • Delaware: Chris Coons (202) 224-5042
  • Florida: Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041
  • Hawaii: Brian Schatz (202) 224-3934
  • Illinois: Richard Durbin (202) 224-2152
  • Kansas: Jerry Moran (202) 224-6521
  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541
  • Louisiana: John Kennedy (202) 228-0447
  • Maine: Susan Collins (202) 224-2523
  • Maryland: Chris Van Hollen (202) 224-4654
  • Mississippi: Thad Cochran (202) 224-5054
  • Missouri: Roy Blunt (202) 224-5721
  • Montana: Steve Daines & Jon Tester (202) 224-2651 and (202) 224-2644
  • New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen (202) 224-2841
  • New Mexico: Tom Udall (202) 224-6621
  • North Dakota: John Hoeven (202) 224-2551
  • Oklahoma: James Lankford (202) 224-5754
  • Oregon: Jeff Merkley 202) 224-3753
  • Rhode Island: Jack Reed (202) 224-4642
  • South Carolina: Lindsey Graham (202) 224-5972
  • Tennessee: Lamar Alexander (202) 224-4944
  • Vermont: Patrick Leahy (202) 224-4242
  • Washington: Patty Murray (202) 224-2621
  • West Virginia: Joe Manchin & Shelley Moore Capito (202) 224-3954 and 202-224-6472
  • Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin 202-224-5653

Resource: Tuesday Horse – NO TIME TO LET UP

Resource: Slaughter Horses Who Voted?

Remember united we can make a difference. Please be the voice for the wild horses and donkeys they deserve to live protected and run free.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Donkey Training 101 Video On Demand – Train The Owner To Train The Donkey

Did you know the best person to train your donkey is you the owner of the Donkey?

The donkey is not a flight equine usually. The donkey is seriously a thinker. The donkey is always going to try and survive any issue that may harm him or her. This means you the owner need to show the donkey you will lead and not follow. A leader is a leader 100% of the time.

Extroverted donkeys or Jack behavior can challenge you. All animals and people can spook when scared. The horse is the flight equine. “More Go Than Whoa” Remember some horses are INTROVERTS. 

Introverted donkeys will not move their feet or lay down when scared or feeling stressed. “More Whoa Than Go” 


Learn the signs of stress, relaxation along with how to lead your donkey and never pick a fight with donkey as you will lose. Donkeys are deep thinkers. If you do not have a plan with a donkey the donkey will get a plan and sooner than later the donkey is leading you.

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boys going outwp-1458048428556.jpgIMG_7521Melodyplayinginthetallhayjune2014IMG_20160430_190129MELODYOBOE82016royhappyage42014summerwp-1470940708263.jpgminismelody2015RIO&MELODYMoriginal1.RIIORIDINGMELODYAGE8SEQUIMWAIMG_7198IMG_7108007


Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

oboe20140430_184539Oboe and TubaMELODYRIORIDING2014SEQUIMAGE8

img1452399844361melodylilyrioage10summer2016IMG_4811RIOCATSMILE2016ROCKETMANCAT2016JULYIMG_6066RIO&MELODYMRIOMELAGE6SUMMER2012IMG_5425RIOSIXYEARSOLD2012LILYLICKINGRIOScottandRio (9)miniscaleandar2014MELODYRIORIDING2014SEQUIMAGE8Melodyroymay1st2015age420140706_160829

If you would like to learn how to train your donkey using resistance free methods check out our SELECT VIDEO ON DEMAND and purchase our rope halter with matching lead line. These training tools are an essential part to you learning to live in peace and harmony on your farm. Donkeys need to trust us humans first.

Next we train the donkey to follow us as a leader. Never let anyone abuse your donkey, not another human or animal. Great fences help keep your donkeys living in domestication healthy. A donkey who is in fear has a very difficult time learning just like humans.

Humans have a very difficult time learning anything new if they are stressed or in fear. When you can understand the donkey’s behavior and control your energy, emotions, voice, timing, reward system. The release is when the donkey learns.

The donkey is amazing! I did not ride my donkey or horse for three years due to a serious injury. Guess what my Mammoth donkey did not need a tune up. My horse did 🙂

Donkeys are smart not stubborn. Learning to train a donkey will change your life forever as this is a journey into self awareness. I am accepting a limited number of one-on-one students in 2017. I have been training the owner of the Donkey worldwide since 2010.

Enjoy your farm, enjoy your life. 




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Donkeys Need You!

Please do not sell your donkey, horse or mule to just anyone. Do your homework as meat buyers are always looking to make money.

Please support small business of the United States Of America!

We work hard for you the consumer to have only the best quality. We sell donkey halters with matching lead lines made in the U.S.A. with quality materials by U.S.A. workers. We sell a lifetime warranty with our donkey halters. You will never find our donkey halter in a tack store or anywhere other than the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC. Please never leave a halter on any donkey, mule or horse while not in attendance to avoid death or self-mutilation.

Need help with training? We now offer Video On Demand 101, take the donkey trainer to the barn with you on your smart phone or gadget. 

“A trained Donkey has a great life. Sadly donkeys who are not trained are sold more often and are at risk for meat buyers.” Melody Johnson, Trainer Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC.

Donkeys are smarter than most people! Get educated and learn how to train your donkey using reistance free methods. Never abuse a donkey, horse or mule. Learn to be a fair leader.

Select Donkey Halter for sale to see your next Donkey Halter, 19 colors to choose from. Yacht rope will never mold. 


Select Where Is The Love For Donkeys?

Select Why Is China Buying The U.S.A. Donkeys?

Source: China Imports Donkeys To Eat

Tuba and OBOE rescue donkeyspoopcomposting14980763_1403444359673307_3976844202000464050_nmelodyriodwf101cr

I will not share the horrific video’s out on the internet of killing sweet donkeys and feeding them to the customers while the donkey is still alive. I will share this; Please do not sell your donkey, horse or mule to just anyone. Make sure your sweet equine gets a forever home where they are taken care of.




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Wild Horses and Burros (Donkeys) Need You To Stop The Round-Ups



Video does not lie, take a look and see!

Source Straight From The Horses Heart

Source Cloud The Mustang

Source Wild Horses Dying In The Heat Wave



I am the voice to change how we train, interact and care for donkeys, horses and mules. I do not advocate any form of abuse of humans or animals. Melody Johnson, Trainer Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC. 

Will you re-blog and be the voice for the wild donkeys and horses?

Please select the links above and do your best to support the wild donkeys and horses. These animals have no voice. Will you be their voice? 


Bald Eagle On The Donkey Whisperer Farm

Eagle 1




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



Happy Memorial Day 2016 USA


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



wild donkeys

Select Adopt A Wild Equine In The U.S.A.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



Don’t Try To Win Over The Hater’s! SMILE

wpid-20150907_121620.jpgIMG_20150305_141401christian-clip-artRIOEYESMALLIMG_20150501_163732IMG_20150516_130913rubybeachlowtidenice rubybeachmarch1s02015 rubybeachlowtideeee rubybeachlowtide312015555 rubybeachlowdtideperking upHappy mothers dayTHANK godcrescentlakemtswatereerhohlakeeeeeeeIMG_5504IMG_5264IMG_5537IMG_20150506_094625orca7Tubafleming

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Rocket Man mini age 21 where is my dinner hurry!

Roy our new mini age 5, Amazing jumper

Roy our new mini age 5, Amazing jumper

Minis coming in out of the wind

Minis coming in out of the wind

Miss Trophy saddlebred mare in training age 7

Miss Trophy saddlebred mare in training age 7


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


GOD Bless America


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC