Wondering if you can teach an old donkey new things? 

The first step in teaching a donkey is taming the donkey, building a relationship built on trust, love, and clear leadership; be a dependable human one who is on time with meals and clean water.  Teaching a donkey to do anything takes patience, timing, emotional control (staying in neutral in your mind), keeping a great sense of humor as donkeys are smarter than some humans 🙂

What does it mean when my donkey comes running at me with his/her ears back?

Important you understand that donkeys are not horses.  Most of the time this means the donkey is excited to see you and playing if your donkey looks angry and has his/her teeth showing in anger than you need to be aware and correct this without abuse.   “Donkeys should not be punished for having their ears back and running at you”, the same as we should not pop them in the face when nipping.  Say NO when they try to nip and mean it when you say it.   Remember safety is most important so pay attention, be plugged in when around your donkey and most importantly enjoy your donkey as a donkey is a gift from GOD.  A well cared for donkey is a donkey that is not abused, this donkey is just like a black lab, they want to be loved on, they want to put their donkey head on your shoulder.

What is the best age to work with a donkey?

Newborn no doubt for imprinting, loving, teaching them to trust us humans but please remember the baby donkey has the attention of a human child.  Small training sessions no more than fifteen minutes and then move on to something the baby donkey loves like a massage etc. 🙂  Donkeys love to be touched, massaged and talked to they are the perfect companion for our human souls.  Our donkeys are like black labs they are always excited to get our human attention but you must understand we have earned the donkeys trust and love.  Relationships take time, take your time.

What is the most difficult age?

Any age after the donkey has been abused by a human or a human authorizing a dog or anything else to torment and hurt the donkey – never forget a donkey never ever forgets good or bad and they are watching to see if you the human will be a great leader and protector or stand by and let them fend for themselves.

Did you know donkeys freeze when scared?

Yes, donkeys can freeze when scared and donkeys can bolt when scared it just depends on the donkey so be prepared to try to help your donkey relax and understand you the human leader will indeed lead and take care of their every need.  Domesticated donkeys need us humans to lead not follow.

Why does my donkey need a purpose to do stuff?

Donkeys are not horses with long ears, donkeys are donkeys.  Donkeys have evolved by stopping and thinking before doing anything they rarely bolt like the horse, remember I said rarely the donkey can get startled and react like a horse but the time they need to calm down is much faster than the horse.

What’s Most Important?

The most important thing I can share with you about training your donkey is to enjoy your donkey.  You chose the donkey the donkey did not choose you!  Everything great in this thing called life takes a bit of hard work and owning donkeys is a gift from GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.  Please remember all animals have feelings, all animals depend on the human owner to take care of them so be a human angel and take the best care of your animals as you possibly can.  How we treat the animals is most important to our most fragile world!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner
Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Teaching A Donkey – Does Age Matter?

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