The Budweiser Donkey

9 thoughts on “The Budweiser Donkey

      • Twice I have been near them, once in Bush Gardens, and once at the brewery in Colorado. They are so majestic, the colts are as large as a horse.

        I also recall that the stalls are as nice as any bedroom, and probably cleaner than any teenager’s room.

        Finally – once the caretaker where we have our cabin in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming – we rode out to the pasture and used the team to pull up old downed fence that was a danger to the horses. What fun it was to work with the team – a thrill I still remember. – Merry Christmas to you too.

      • you should have seen them straining, and working exactly together as they pulled the partly buried fence, barb wire, post and all. It was beautiful.

        We had had some horses all cut up, so it was meaningful too. Those big guys were so gentle 🙂

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