Here is the history of the American Mammoth Donkey – Gifts to President George Washington from the President Of Spain.  Enjoy!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

The Mammoth Donkey Is The Biggest Donkey In America

6 thoughts on “The Mammoth Donkey Is The Biggest Donkey In America

  1. I frikin’ LOVE Donkeys, I don’t know anything much about them, my mum always was a horse girl, but from the little ones they may call burros to the this big eyebrowed beast you have the photo, I want one! An alpaca would be nice too, do they get a long? I’m not the type that would snag one for just the fun of it, but I can sure scratch good behind the ears!

    • I would check into local shelters as ask to volunteer to help the donkeys first. Donkeys need another donkey to keep them company they are indeed donkeys a very special and unique breed of the equine. Donkeys that have not been abused love a good scratch and rub they most importantly love to be with their loving and fair human partner. :}

      • Thanks! I’ll check back in more often, now that I found you. I am in a rental home that has a yard barely big enough to host our lovely lab. I took over an abused Arab (horse) that loved it when I would rub his ears, but he was eared down by an angry man too many time for my dad to give the horse the same act of affection. The dream is to get an acreage back in my native land of Montana, and I’d probably go with a small pair. I like the cross on their back, it reminds me of who once hosted our peaceful Saviour. I like what you say about a shelter. When we’re out of this trap some call a city, I’ll be happy to look into that before making another step… Hopefully the way the world is turning us all to serfs won’t turn my dream of getting back to the country with our four sons, a pipe-dream. God Bless You Melody

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