Wellness Check Vet Spring Shots On The Donkey Whisperer Farm 2015

Why Do You Need To Have A Veterinarian Come To Your Farm at least once a year?



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Once a year we have all shots done by my vet and a wellness check for each of our eight equine.

Why would I do this when I can give the shots myself and save money?

  1. Vets will not come to a farm in an emergency if it is not their farm. This is really important for you to understand.
  2. I want my donkeys and horses to have a great life. Vet care is imperative to their health. My vet gives each of my donkeys and horses a wellness check once a year. Our vet has history needed on file to care for each of our eight equine.
  3. Having a wellness check and shots as needed EWT-WNV  and rabies as a minimum (depends on your exposure from other equine) what shots are needed.
  4. The vet will notice things we can do to save money down the road.
  5. Some equine have unique health needs, the vet will give you the plan. Please do not rely on social media for your beloved equines health.
  6. Fecal samples are taken twice a year spring and fall to prevent resistance free parasites (worms) on the farm.  My vet tells me what wormer to use or not. Over worming kills the immune system and can create worms that we cannot kill resistant to all wormers.

I took this photo of Roy’s (new mini donkey) tooth, sent a photo to my vet and will find out if this is normal or not, it looks painful. I always check the mouth and double-check to see all are eating and drinking, pooping to prevent colic. Poor oral health is a huge problem for optimum health and care of our domesticated equine just like us people.

Why? In the wild they are eating sticks and things that grind down the teeth in domestication it is soft hay and grain. No donkey needs grain ever. Never feed alfalfa or any grass clippings to your equine. Test your hay for the best health results.

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Six weeks in the spring and summer and seven weeks in the fall and winter. Remember your equine is depending on you.


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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