What A Farrier Needs


Perhaps you are wondering what in the world a farrier is?  A farrier is the human who will be certified in balancing, trimming and possibly shoeing  equine (horse, donkey or mule) every six weeks in the spring and summer and seven in the fall and winter.

What is a natural trimmer for Donkeys?  Pete Ramey site explains more

No shoes, balance, trimming and helping keep the equine in optimum balance without shoes


Why should I care how happy my farrier is?

A great farrier is essential to optimum health of your beloved equine.  I highly suggest you do your homework before hiring a farrier to work on the hooves of your equine. Balance, no blood, no soreness is what your equine needs to stay happy.  Remember equine pick up on the emotional mood swings us humans have so keep your farrier happy and calm.

What A Farrier Needs?

A safe equine to work on!  Please do not ask your farrier to train your equine as this is not their job.  A  farrier needs to feed himself and his family and a farrier that gets hurt working on your equine will not be able to work and provide himself and his family with an income.  Additionally, a farrier that can’t concentrate on the hoof and is worried for his life will more than likely not be able to do as good a job.

1.  A tame and gentle equine – Teach Your Donkey To Pick Up the Foot

2.  No dogs or children running around causing a distraction for the equine, farrier, and you the handler

3.  Put the cell phone down and pay attention to your equine to keep the farrier and equine safe

4.  A place that is close to his truck as he needs to get to his tools without taking a hike

5.  The equine to be held by a competent human that can control the equine and help the farrier stay safe. – Remember this is a really dangerous job

6.  The equine to be standing calmly and as ready as possible

7.  Make sure your equine has had his hooves picked up at least twenty-five times before the farrier arrives – do not make the first trimming appointment be the first time the equine get’s the foot picked up.

8.  A dry place to work, flat, swept clean

9.  No dark places as your farrier needs to see what he/she is doing

10.  A shady place to work and don’t forget Insect repellant sprayed on your equine

11,  Pay him/her the same day he trims the hoof

12,  Make your appointment for six or seven weeks and keep up with the farrier work

Bonus:  A cool beverage on a hot day


Remember no one knows your equine like you do!  Keeping up with a regular trimming schedule is best for the equine and your farrier.  Partnerships via human and animal form take time and a bit of watering.  You can do this!

Caring for equine takes a team effort; owner, veterinarian , farrier let’s not forget acupuncture, chiropractor and massage therapy as needed. Stay On Donkey Time ®.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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