Donkey has a lump

Please understand donkeys are not horses with long ears. Donkeys have a unique biological system that needs to be treated by a veterinarian experienced with donkeys. Please be sure and ask your veterinarian to do his/her research before treating a donkey with drugs and surgery. Please ask your veterinarian to check all lumps you find quickly.

What causes sarcoids?

No one knows for sure what causes sarcoids, but we do know that:

  • they are infectious and linked to a virus called ‘bovine papilloma virus’
  • flies play a role in their spread so insect control is important, particularly during the summer months. 
  • certain animals are more susceptible than others. All equine can get a sarcoid.

Where are sarcoids found?

Sarcoids are most often found on the head, legs and trunk.  Male donkeys sadly can develop sarcoids on their pennis or sheath.

Sarcoids may develop at sites of wounds and areas where trauma or injury has occurred.

Use your hands to check your donkey for any new lumps regularly. Include this in your daily grooming routine.

Drug Metabolism In Donkeys:

Donkeys digest drugs different from a horse. Donkeys process drugs much faster than the horse. As a result, practitioners should prescribe drugs carefully less is more with donkeys to ensure the donkey does not over dose and die from the drug. Each donkey is a unique individual some donkeys need far less drugs for pain or sedation so again its best to treat each donkey with extreme caution to drugs and sedation.


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