Any Suggestions On How To Touch My Donkeys Ears?

Melody, Any exercises you can share to help my donkey let me touch his ears?

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When a donkey has not had the opportunity to learn humans are safe and a fair leader they can be head shy. Some donkeys have had experiences with humans that were abusive. Some donkeys extroverted donkeys can be naughty and not want us to touch them not due to abuse but simply because they can lead the human. This is one donkey game, so many games donkeys play. Donkeys have photographic memories. Donkeys have peripheral vision. When I am teaching to train the donkey I ask that we stay away from the head and eyes until we have taught our donkey to follow us as a fair leader. Tame the donkey first. Meaning; make sure the donkey comes running up to you every time you call him/her. This is more important than rubbing the ears. Why? If your donkey will not come to you when you call this means we have a relationship problem. Trust is so important for humans and donkeys. When the donkey trusts me and I have taught my donkey 101 I move onto the ears. Donkeys who trust us love a gentle ear massage. Donkeys who are afraid of us will not. Donkey 101 teaches you how to stay ON DONKEY TIME. Stop before your donkey stops. Wait another day. Be careful with the ears as they are truly fragile and can break and flop down. Thank you for this question. Your question will help another donkey and their owner. 

 Introducing Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series