Donkeys NEED a strong playmate to grab a hold of the neck, play tug with a food bowl and chase after.  Donkeys are not horses they are donkeys and they play different from the horse.  If you have a herd of cows and a donkey chasing after them I would say your donkey is bored and more than likely young and has no donkey to play with he/she is bored to death. Or a Jack (intact) donkey.

Two donkeys will play donkey games.

Never leave a donkey with baby sheep, goats or baby cows as the donkey can get bored and pick up the youngster by the neck donkeys play really rough and can kill the animal not big enough to defend itself.  Donkeys are not being crazy or mean they are just doing what donkeys do playing, they need a play mate that can play the way Donkeys play. Donkeys can and do kill baby sheep, calves, goats and dogs. 

Ideas To Stop This Behavior – Remember Donkeys Are Thinkers and They Get Bored Easy:

1.  Make sure your donkey has toys, black feed bowl or orange traffic cone – Donkeys like to play with their mouths all the time

2.  If your donkey is a Jack turn him into a John

3.  Please remember Donkeys go in two’s, get your donkey another donkey to play with and chase.  Size matters, pair the donkeys up fair. Diet is easier to manage this way too. Never ever leave your donkey with an animal too small as donkeys are just being donkeys they play really rough with their mouths and grab the neck of the playmate.  This is why donkeys have such thick necks compared to the horse as donkeys grab the neck of another donkey.

Please share information and enjoy your donkeys as donkeys are most happiest with another donkey and remember Donkeys are indeed precious gifts from GOD.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged.

Melody Johnson

Why Is My Donkey Chasing Cows?

4 thoughts on “Why Is My Donkey Chasing Cows?

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  2. Dear Donkey Whisperer,

    This is a wonderful post! Being a donkey care-giver, I can tell you the most important aspect of donkey health is having a playmate and for many donkeys that means at least one donkey friend; any size will do! Donkeys are species specific and tend to go towards their own kind. They will love your horse or mule in time, but when you get a donkey do try to have at least two! You will see a big difference in their psychological well-being and in their attitude towards you and life in general. When we place donkeys in new homes they go in twos! Toys are great………try a sturdy piece of wood that is safe and won’t splinter………….oh, it is heaven on Earth!

    Love to you and all your insights into donkeydom!

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