Bonded Donkeys What Do I Do When One Dies

Please understand that when donkeys are bonded its for life. To learn more read my blog post Goodbye Tuba It is vital that we show the living donkeys the body before burying if we do not the donkeys will bray non stop calling for the deceased donkey. Next we must get another donkey or two quickly. Why? Donkeys are intelligent and emotional beings they can grieve so deeply that they stop eating and drinking and can die.

Oboe (red bigger donkey) grieved for seven months after Tuba his bonded companion died. We brought home Mario and Luca a bonded pair to live with Oboe quickly. We watched as they began to push Oboe around the hay he refused to engage as his grief was so great, he was sad missing Tuba.. Finally after seven months he started to play with them and push back on the food. He is now happy and whole again. Please understand that donkeys are emotional beings and highly intelligent be careful to always watch and learn their unique individual personalities so you can take care of them.

Signs of depression or sickness is standing alone not engaging with the other donkeys, laying down way too much and their eyes staring off into the blank world.

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®