What Is The Weight Limit To Ride A Mini Donkey?


Select What is the weight limit to Ride a Mini Donkey? to read the formula. Please use common sense when adding a rider to the equine as listed below:

20% of weight can be carried! Miniature donkeys are full-grown at age three.

An adult Mini donkey can carry no more than 50 lbs including the saddle.

Adult Standard donkey no more than 100 1bs including the saddle. 

Standard/burro size donkeys are full-grown at age four.

The adult Mammoth donkey that is conditioned can carry most adults I would never make a donkey carry an extremely obese human.  It is really hard for the equine to carry a rider that is obese and not able to ride in balance. 

The mammoth donkey is full-grown at age six or seven. Rio was full-grown at age seven as he stands 16’2 hands.

Select What age is my horse, donkey or mule full-grown? to read and understand the growth plates of the equine.  

Riding any equine too young will cause permanent disabilities for the equine.  If you must ride be sure you purchase the equine old enough to ride and make sure they are conditioned before long trail rides.  Please stop and think about how your body feels when carrying a heavy pack and not training before a big long hike.

Please have mercy for these magnificent equine and use common sense. If you see someone too heavy to ride a donkey, horse or mule speak up “You Can Be a Human Angel” for this equine.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson



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  1. Thank you so much for such practical information on how to avoid putting too much weight on an equine at various stages of their growth. Thankfull, my father was very clear in these teachings to us as children growing up with horses. Love your animals!

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