1. Most important – Please don’t beat me or punish me for being slow and not moving fast enough, unlike the horse I can think all the time. If I overreact understand I am stressed. 

2.  I enjoy being talked to, brushed, and loved on when I am sure you will not hurt me. I will not eat if stressed. I am a donkey, donkeys are seriously into self-preservation.

3.  I learn differently from the horse I am a visual learner.  I learn by watching from an honor horse, mule, or another honor donkey or you doing something with me standing and watching at a safe distance.  Please walk away from me with scary new things and let me come to you on my time I am scared of new things and need you to slow down.

4. I prefer clean water, warm water in the winter and low sugar, protein hay as I gain weight fast I was created to live in the desert.

5. I am really smart please do not leave me all alone, give me a companion I prefer a donkey but will take a horse or mule.

6. I need my hooves trimmed just like the horse.

7. I need my teeth taken care of just like the horse. I need a vet check once a year.

8. Please feed me at least two small meals a day when I am on a dry pasture and never feed me alfalfa hay or grass clippings.

9. I like to play with toys, orange traffic cone, feed bowl, or jolly ball I am smart and get bored easy just like you.

10.  I am special GOD gave me a cross on my back and I am the only animal in the bible GOD gave the ability to talk.

To learn more go to our Donkey Education Center.

Stay On Donkey Time ®

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Ten Things Donkeys Want You To Know

59 thoughts on “Ten Things Donkeys Want You To Know

  1. Hi Melody, What a nice post about the Donkey. I do not know much about Donkeys but think that they are wonderful animals! I rode on as a young child and enjoyed that a lot. I wanted to let you know that I liked reading your blog as a first timer today. Thanks for the solid information. Your photo cracked me up!

  2. Hey Melanie. I didn’t know that donkey’s had crosses on their backs. I have not been that close to one before. That is sooo very kool! Maybe someday when we have horses we will get a couple of donkeys and mules too. We would like to get some camels too to ride. A few of my friends on FB have camels too along with their horses.
    I love talked to horses. I will walk right up to a strange horse and introduce myself and just start chattering away about whatever. I have always talked to my horses. Even just sitting out their for hours on end just chattering away. I think I would rather talk to a horse than anyone else. They are my dearest friends and I feel a better and a stronger connection to them.
    I am headed to the doctor in a few hours. I think I told you I had a cold since Saturday. I am feeling better. Just tired tired and I have a horrid raspy, productive cough. My nose has finally dried up but it is as red as Rudolf’s nose and chalfed. I will email you when I get back and let you know what he says about me.
    Have a good one and talk soon, my dear friend. 🙂

  3. Hi, we also have a donkey. He is the mascot of our place, and demands his rightful attention! He has been the best buddy to our kids, the partner to our horses, security alarm , and loyal freind!
    We really enjoy him, as do all our neighbors ( he does sneak out and visit them).

  4. Donkeys don’t forget. We rescued one that had been miss treated by a woman and it took Lilly a long time before she trusted me. She is my watch dog and lives with my hogs…they love one another. She is very intuitive to there needs. We love Lilly.

  5. Thank you for popping up at my blog and for liking one of my post ”DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR TRIALS”. I do hope you enjoyed the visit and I am looking forward to more of your visit while I will frequent yours as well. I thank God for giving you the patient that enabled you to have this great experience we are all benefiting from because I do not know anything about donkey. May you be bless in this journey in the name of Jesus Christ.

  6. I am having trouble getting close to our 9 month old jack- he isnt at all scared of us, takes carrots from our hands, but wont let us pet him. He was pretty traumatized by prior owner and we arent sure how to proceed- we have had him for a little over three weeks- what are we doing wrong? We are so wanting to give him love and scratches

    • I am happy to coach, consult and train you for donkeys. I have a new business I just started on Jan 1st, 2014 as I helped over 55 people in the theee and half years after the semi truck accident for free. If you go to my website at http://wwww.donkeywhisperer.com you can select store and testimonials. I will give you the first 1/2 hour for free. If you purchase 10 lessons the cost is $35.00 for 45 minutes and if you purchase one lesson at a time it is $45.00 for 45 minutes. I would love to work with you and help you succeed with your donkey. Melody

  7. This is great! Reposting a link to your blog post on my Children 4 Horses page on FB 🙂
    You can find Children 4 Horses at http://www.facebook.com/children4 horses
    I work hard to help save horses, domestic and wild and donkeys and burros from slaughter by educating people, encouraging them to take the time to understand their animals, and inspire them to stand up and be a voice for their equine friends. ~Declan

  8. Hi Melody, my two donkeys have suddenly begun chewing on the pressure treated fence posts and wind block stockade fence. They are turned out all day every day, eat two servings of good feed perday and have all the hay they want. I have read various reasons a horse might do this but what do you think? Could they be bored? Did you say here that they like to chew on dead wood?

  9. Hi Melody – we are adopting a standard donkey from a rescue situation and I’d like your advice on how best to load her in the trailer. She is about 15 and to our knowledge has not been trailered. I want to help her in the most patient, kind, loving way possible. Suggestions?

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  11. It’s great to see someone working with these beautiful animals, not just the rock stars, the horses. Of course, they’re all rock stars, but a lot of folks don’t realize it yet! Thanks for your work among our fellow earthlings.

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  13. Donkeys are so adorable and sweet.💕 It’s no wonder Mary rode on one all the way to Bethlehem, and Jesus also chose a donkey to ride into Jerusalem.💕I’ve never thought about them having a cross on their back before, and now I think I love them even more💕✝️