American Wild Burro

Equus Africanus AsinusThis is the proper scientific name for the “donkey” a subspecies and Equus asinus. Burros evolved from Africa (desert equine), they were introduced to the Desert Southwest by the Spaniards in the 1500s. (The word “burro” is derived from the Spanish word “borrico,” meaning donkey.) A Spanish mission brought the first burros into what is now called Tuscon.

During the Gold Rush years of the 19th century, burros were used primarily in the Southwest as pack animals for prospectors. They worked tirelessly to carry supplies, water, food, and machinery to gold mining camps, the burros were a vital resource for the miners. When the gold rush ended the miners let all the burros loose with the gift of survival on desert food the burros reproduced and created large families across the United States Of America.

If you own a donkey please understand your donkey is a desert equine. The diet of a donkey is tested forage (hay, straw or mash) 10% or lower in sugar and protein is the goal. Portion control is very important, do not let your donkey overeat. Test forage in the USA at Equine Analytical Lab when you find low sugar/protein hay purchase enough for the entire year.

Where can I adopt a couple of wild burros? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has way too many burros waiting for a forever home. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has rescue centers all of the U.S.A. Donkeys are healthiest when getting to live with their own species sex matters, geldings with geldings and jennies with jennies in most cases. Jacks should be made into gelding with an experienced donkey vet. Donkeys digest drugs differently from a horse and gelding a donkey is a bit different from a horse. Read five questions you must ask your vet before sedation and gelding.

Melody Johnson, riding Mammoth donkey Rio.

I train the owner or caretaker of burro’s and donkeys worldwide how to tame and train donkeys using proven quality exercises with no pain ever. I teach you how to become a fair leader 100% of the time you are with your donkey using timing, words, voice, facial expressions, and tack made to fit your donkey, not a horse. Order Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand in our store sold with lifetime access and my E-book to print out. Order standard or burro adjustable soft yacht rope halter with a matching 9ft lead line, brass screw-on snap, black leather end.

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

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