I have been receiving lots of inquires asking me what to do when fly’s are eating donkeys, face, legs.  I really have had a difficult time understanding why this is happening until I saw the photo below showing a donkey rescued needing immediate medical attention.

Remember you chose the equine they did not choose you.

 “You are the smart human who took the equine in it is your job to take care of the animal and give him/her a great life.”  Shame on people who throw any animal out in a pasture and never ever check on them to make sure they are healthy. 


Did you know animals get allergies? YES!

If your equine (donkey, mule or horse) is not getting well you must seek medical attention. Donkeys can have an auto-immune health issue causing them to be allergic to almost anything. Zertech, Bendadryl and Apoquel may work for your donkey. Make sure to check for Cushing’s with a blood work check as many times the immune system is compromised due to Cushing’s. Please work with your vet.


How do I stop Fly’s?

1.  We pick up the poop out of the paddock, shelter and track (hot wire) twice a day and compost it away from the equine. Cover the compost pile with a plastic tarp.

2.  We using Fly Predators since 2007 as they work.

3.  Each and every day – twice a day I check my equine over for wounds and medicate right away and pick their hooves.

4. Use a fly mask if needed and medicate when they have sores immediately. Please have empathy; think how you would like to be stuck in a place, hot with fly’s and poop every where it is horrible.

5. Create a track using hot wire, this way you are controlling the diet and have an easy way to pick up the poop each day.

A huge bonus to picking up the poop is parasite control. Picking up the poop and composting stops worms dead in their tracks too 🙂  We take fecal samples to the vet and do not worm unless they need it over worming can cause more problems as the worms become drug resistant and it destroys the immune system.

Select What diseases do fly’s carry?

How do I take care of ticks and lice? I use Ultra Boss on the poll of the donkeys due to their thick fur powders do not work. Give a bath with warm water an anti-fungus shampoo and conditioner. Do not spray the face with the hose hand wash the face. Note; donkeys do not like baths until they know for sure it feels good eventually your donkey will learn to enjoy it. Tie the donkeys up together and give a bath together.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®


Do You Have A Fly Problem On Your Farm?

4 thoughts on “Do You Have A Fly Problem On Your Farm?

  1. I’ve only had my donkey & mini-mule for 3 months but here in NC it has been so humid that the flies are plentiful. The donkey has more flies than the mini-mule but I’ve had GREAT success using: 1 part Avon skin so soft, 1 part white vinegar, & 1 part water. I put it in a spray bottle and use mainly on the donk’s ankles. Hope this helps.

    • In my most humble opinion most important part is to remove the poop, compost away from the equine. Use fly predators as they work 🙂 No flys, no problems. I use marigold spray for mosquitos on my horse and donkeys as it is non-toxic and works great. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for taking a moment to make a comment I really appreciate all of our readers. Would love to see your donkeys if you would like to share a photo it is fun to share. Melody

  2. We have terrible biting flies, huge horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, etc and my Dad swears by diesel, which we have used for years on our horses without any ill effects. We have found that all other commerical fly sprays have bothered our horse’s skin and aren’t as effective. They are kept out to pasture with the cows all summer and usually only need one application every three or four days.

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