Thinking About Getting A Donkey?  Donkeys are intelligent and highly social, donkeys need a special diet. Low sugar/protein hay, clean water and warm in the winter, salt with minerals and shelter. No sweet feed, cookies, breads etc., Feed twice a day and create a hot wire track to keep moving without no grazing muzzle needed with a track.

Donkeys come in two’s:

Planning to purchase a donkey please get two donkeys try to get similar size as donkeys grab the neck in play and in battler so size and sex matters. Geldings with geldings and jennies with jennies. Jacks should become a gelding. Why? geldings can hurt the female bad and even get her to stop eating during estrus not to mention medicating the neck from the violent bite marks. Donkeys forget nothing good or bad if the donkey has a memory of sex he will more than likely continue to to the job.

Our journey with long ears began in 2007 when we purchased Miss Lily my quarter horse mare at twenty months old, a baby Mammoth donkey age nine months, and a mini donkey age thirteen in 2007. The mammoth donkey and mini donkey had bonded after weaning.  I quickly found lots of education on donkeys that was not correct. Please prepare your farm and pocket book before bringing equine into your life.

LILYLICKINGRIOPlease remember horses should never be left alone either as they are a herd prey animal and they need to have another equine to feel safe, lay down and get REM sleep, play etc., It has always been my plan to get my horse Miss Lily another horse sadly I survived a life threatening car accident in 2010 pushing the goal of another horse on hold.  One day she will have a horse to be with our horse as horses need horses and donkeys usually prefer donkeys. Sure this scenario can change depending on if a horse is sick or elderly and the donkey is the right personality and energy for the horse.

Lily, Rio and Rocket Man all get along well but the boys (donkeys) are very close and Lily is kinda the third wheel.  Why? Rio and Rocket Man play donkey games, the horses is not interested in grabbing the neck and playing tug with a ball. Rio will groom Lily, Lily grooms Rio like book ends they are beautiful together and will always be close no doubt. Donkeys need a vet once a year at a minimum for shots, teeth and wellness checks. Donkeys need their hooves trimmed every six weeks in the spring and summer and seven in fall and winter.


Trail walks with the donkeys we never leave one at home all alone


Rio (9 months), Melody and Rocket Man (13) shortly after we purchased them DSCN1295



OURBOYS2012PLAYINGriorocketman2012july Can A Donkey Live Alone Without Another Donkey? Yes, of course but the donkey will not be in optimum health, will not be happy, will bray more and can get violent towards another animal species such as a goat, cow or sheep.  Why?  Well donkeys like to play tug, grab the neck of the donkey buddy and they are very intelligent much more than the horse as they can think all the time.  Donkeys get bored much faster than a horse.

boys2012summerfun GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody

Melody Johnson

Donkeys Come In Two’s

3 thoughts on “Donkeys Come In Two’s

  1. I love all your information. I never knew donkeys were such good animals. All I always knew was that they kick and bite. Now I understand the “biting’ is more play than anything else.

    • They do this with another donkey not authorized to do this with me or my husband. Would never try to do it with my horse 🙂 Hope you learned something, I feel so sorry for donkeys forced to live alone with another equine or goat, pig, sheep they need another donkey.