Six Sounds Donkeys Make


Sounds Donkeys Make:

Bray, Sing, Grunts, Growl, Woofs, Snorts.

Maximus our black mini donkey growls and makes a woof sound. He is a strong extroverted donkey and he has jack behavior issues. He was gelded before coming to our farm.


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Melody Johnson

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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9 thoughts on “Six Sounds Donkeys Make

  1. I guess I got stuck in time warp. I’m back!! Although, still no internet service. I’ll inbox you later and let you know what has been going on. Miss you!! I’m so excited your taking a class on this! Can’t wait to hear about what you have learned. You will also be happy to know I have made friends with a new group of burros. They are sweet and I already love them. The other night mamma lost her baby and came up to my slider. I opened the door and asked her what wrong and she started with this guttural moaning. At the time I didn’t know baby was missing, I thought maybe he was just over at the river. She kept this up like I knew where he was. Then baby shows up and they rub together and then he nursed. It was very endearing.

    • Hi Allison,

      I am determined to attend this class in person next year. The first day they had information technology problems and I could not hear very good. Yesterday we had high winds and lost power we have a generator so my husband was home and he got it up running for me. Sadly we lost internet connection so I lost most of the day yesterday. Still I have the agenda with all the PHD’S who spoke and this will be added to my knowledge data base to help others via my new business. – The sound you herd whoof was from a male Jack donkey protecting his family, this can be a dangerous thing so remember what I taught you, get bigger with your arms and, clap, yell and hold your ground if this every happens to you again. Let’s skype soon so we can catch up 🙂

      GOD bless you!

      • Gosh! That’s a bummer about the technology problems and then the weather interfering. At least you do have the agenda and can read about what happened in the class that you missed. I hope you do make it next year in person. That would be fun!
        I love your new website! I just got done going through and reading everything. I wish you luck on your future endeavors! I hope I get to see it grow and grow into a wonderful training/educational and one of a kind DONKEY WHISPERER AWESOMENESS!!! (if that’s a word!)
        I’m tellin’ ya Melody… I was scared out of my wits. I knew right away that whatever was going on this burro was protecting something. After being around my sweet herd for eight months I was shocked at this burro’s behavior. Nothing has happened like it since that incident. I did get a whistle that I put on my key chain for added scariness! A ‘just in case’ loud thing I can use if it happens again along with making myself bigger like you mentioned above.
        Tomorrow I am calling the internet provider again. Apparently, it takes two weeks for them to enter my new address into their ‘system’. They haven’t come out to hook my internet yet because they are stating they don’t have my address on file. They need this put into the system first before they will come out here. I’m already annoyed and frustrated with them and I’m not yet a customer. I don’t have any other choices for out here though. Once that happens I will IM you so we can set up a Skype date.
        Take care sweet donkey soul sister! I’ll be in touch soon.


      • Hi Allison,

        I did not miss very much and learned a tremendous amount! They will be sending me the video recording 🙂

        The whoof you heard the night you had to dial 911 from the wild donkey Jack was real, like I told you when we met I have never been around wild donkeys it is a high priority for me and perhaps next summer I can come and visit you and the wild donkeys. We are so busy now trying to get this on the market next spring, prepare the land to move on it next May, build our new one story home as I am disabled and two stories is hard on me. I have no doubt GOD will make my business grow as he always takes care of his children. I give all the glory to Jesus as GOD in Jesus Christ name is amazing! We are all on a journey in this thing called life and you are one amazing woman. You are going to be amazing so never give up!

        Big hug,

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