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Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is all about donkeys! We celebrate, educate and promote these magnificent and intelligent beings. We are dedicated to building public awareness about equine personality, behavior and are deeply invested in educating and empowering you with safe, holistic, resistance-free training methods that foster a strong bond between you and your equine.

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Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ® Trainer is an expert in donkey behavior modification. Melody trains the owner or caretaker to train the donkey via Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand worldwide. Take Melody Johnson to the farm with you using any smartphone or device. Speed Up Your Training Time!

Melody has trained thousands of students worldwide via Donkey 101 & Donkey 102 E-VIDEO ON DEMAND Series.

Catch The Donkey!

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey. All videos are sold with lifetime access and a booklet (pdf).

  1. Learn how to put the halter and lead line on with peace and harmony.  These exercises create trust and relaxation for both the donkey and the human.
  2.  Teach the donkey to stand for the farrier and pick up the feet with no kick or fight.
  3.  Say the word foot and the donkey picks up the foot.
  4.  Stop the donkey from biting, nipping, and swinging the head into me.
  5.  Stop the donkey from dragging the human or bolting. 

Watch Our Free Video “Bringing The Donkey Home”

Take Melody Johnson to the farm via any smart device. Print out our book attached to each training video. Stay On Donkey Time ® as donkeys cannot be forced to do anything. We cannot bribe a donkey and we cannot punish a donkey to follow us. The donkey must form a relationship with the human and most of all the donkey must trust us at all times. Never abuse a donkey, never betray a donkey. Learn how to be a fair leader 100% of the time you are with your donkey. If you see another human hurting your donkey or animal stop it. If your donkey watches you do nothing over pain and abuse the donkey will deem you unworthy to be a leader. The leader steps in and stops pain. Pain is ineffective in training animals and humans. Pain teaches to never trust. We want trust 100% of the time we are with our donkey. Trust is earned.

“Horses dream of being trained the way a donkey demands to be trained” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm ®.

Donkey 102  video on demand trains the owner or caretaker how to problem solve and train the donkey.  Donkey 102 teaches you the owner or caretaker how to use the stick and string (fiberglass leather tip) to touch the donkey never hurt the donkey. A tap to keep on when walking, a wiggle to stop the bolt, desensitizing to prepare for the farrier, and more. This stick is a must-have for your shelter and farm. Seriously an extension of your arm. 🙂


ON DONKEY TIME ® is our business logo! Stay calm, have a plan and be a fair leader.  Never betray a donkey. Never drill a donkey. Do not bring a trainer into your farm or send your donkey to a trainer unless they have studied Donkey 101 & 102 and will never abuse or give pain to your donkey.

Donkeys follow the human they trust and respect. Trust is earned and proven. This is the person who lives on the farm, picks up poop, feeds and cares for the donkey(s). 

Sadly donkeys who have no social skills are at high risk for re-sale and meat buyers. Please take the time to learn how to train your donkey. Peace and harmony are guaranteed to come back to the farm. It’s all about the human. Preparation is the key to training a donkey. Donkeys learn at the release of pressure not from pain. The donkey has trained the human. Some donkeys are rescue donkeys meaning they have met the worst kind of human. Donkeys have photographic memories. Donkeys never forget good or bad. Fixing donkeys that have been abused will take Donkey 101 and Donkey 102 and time. No donkey is a throw-away donkey.

Stay ON DONKEY TIME ® never drill or stress your donkey out. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Select OUR STORE to look at our Donkey Sot Yacht Rope Halter/Lead Lines. Donkey Tack.

Select Donkey Halter For Sale, Matching Lead Lines. MADE IN THE USA with Yacht Rope to never mold or frail a brass screw on snap, leather end.


God bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody & Scott Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®



Got Donkeys In Your Life?

14 thoughts on “Got Donkeys In Your Life?

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  2. Very interesting, I have had horses and mules for many years now; and I bought a standard BLM donkey late last August, as I was doing a lot of hiking and thought donkey could carry my water for me when I hike. I had no prior donkey experience; and now that I look back, I should have bought a small pony mule instead. That said its almost a year later, and it has occurred to me, that my donkey will probably never be what I was hoping to use him for. I bought him from a woman who had bought him from the BLM and had spent lots of time with him. He was trained to lead, load in a trailer, carry a pack saddle etc. Having had horses & mules in the past, I thought I could just load in trailer and put pack saddle on and hike in the wilderness. Not hardly. I still struggle to lead him, if he does not want to go with me, that is the end of that, and he has gotten away from me numerous times. Cannot see us in the wilderness on a hiking trail and have him break loose and be gone. I am currently using a web halter; would like to use a rope halter as I have on my horses and mules in the past; cannot find one that fits him. I will order one of your halters, and hopefully will help me work with my donkey. I know I have some issues; and need to go back to basics and do some retraining.

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  4. How many hands tall is your Mammoth donkey? I just got a Mammoth Jenny, who I think is very short for being an “Mammoth”. I was hoping for at least 15 hands high, but she’s barely the height to be considered a Mammoth. And I was hoping someone has some tips for me, she’s a sweet donkey but she gets very pushy. she just walks off, dragging me. I try and pull her back, but she never listens. She thinks she’s the boss, so I don’t know how to stop this behavior. My sister also has a 3 year old Camel living with my Jenny. Would that do anything to her behavior? She bites him, leaving marks and I think he’s making her more aggressive then she was.

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