How To Stop Your Donkey From Biting

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Tuba playing hours before seizure

Congratulations you own a donkey. If you only have one donkey please consider getting your donkey another donkey to live with twenty-four seven. Geldings with geldings and jennies with jennies always works best. Try and get the size fair as donkeys grab the neck in play and battle and managing the weight is easier if the donkeys require the same amount of food. Looking for help with your donkeys, training, diet, tack, shelter fences? Sign up in my store select Donkey Trainer.

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Understanding why your donkey is biting

Baby donkeys are full of energy are constantly testing their boundaries with their pasture buddies and humans. All donkeys bite one another in play and in battle, they nip the legs, grab the neck, and use their mouth and teeth like we humans use our hands. Just like we train a puppy to go potty outside we need to train our donkeys how to have human basic social skills. Humans have to learn how to become a fair leader and be a fair leader 100% of the time they are physically with their donkeys.

I teach the donkey owner or caretaker worldwide how to tame and train donkeys. Learn how to stop the bite, nip, and kick in my training program Donkey 101 video on demand sold with my E-book. The videos are quality proven exercises to do with your donkeys, right and left side. The E-book is where I teach humans how to tame and train their donkeys, most importantly become a consistent fair leader. Learning how to have excellent timing (three second rule), and learn how to be in the moment, I call this On Donkey Time ®.

How Do I Stop The Nipping and Biting

Donkeys are intelligent, donkeys train humans quickly to do only what the donkey wants to do. First I never give a treat because a donkey is cute, I give a bite of a carrot, a small bite when the donkey does something I asked him or her to do such as come to me when called. Giving treats to donkeys because they are cute creates a human treat dispenser. Soon the donkey is leading the human, the donkey will do nothing the human wants to do.

Abused Donkeys

Never use pain, slapping, kicking, hitting, twitching, tying up a leg to tame and train a donkey. Donkeys that have been abused by humans hold on to the pain its call post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) for life. Triggers of the pain can be a hat, cigarette, man, woman, gloves or a sound. Rehabilitation of abused donkeys is sadly one of the reasons I began my training program as so many donkeys are abused by frustrated and ignorant humans.

Redirect The Behavior, Give Endorphins

As soon as the donkey gives the right answer to the task I asked such as walking up to me when asked I give a small bite of a carrot, on my open flat hand. If the donkey comes at me trying to mug me for the carrot I do not give the treat. I quickly massage the donkeys mouth careful not to get my fingers inside their mouth for at lease two to three seconds. Next I move my hands to the the withers for a massage for a few seconds. No treat for a try, no treat for trying to bite me or mug me. I teach all of this in Donkey 101 Video On Demand. When the donkey comes back wanting to push for a treat I give another massage on the mouth and back on the withers. The more you can rub the mouth the better for your donkey. Donkeys are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Make sure your eyes are eye level for your donkey to see you. Study the donkeys eyes, learn what calm eyes look like compared to fearful or angry.

Ears On A Donkey Flat Back

Please remember donkeys are not horses with long ears. Ears back can mean I am happy, thinking or angry. Learn to study the eyes of your donkey not the ears.

Socialization and Training Is very important for donkeys

Training involves following the exercises outlined in Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand with my E-book Donkey 101 is foundation training one hour. Take me Melody Johnson to the farm with using any smart device connected to the internet. The great news about training donkeys is they need no tune up unlike the horse once you teach your donkeys to follow you as a fair leader the donkey will follow you as a fair leader for life. I highly recommend one person do the training, after the donkeys are trained teach the rest of your family how to become a fair leader and be consistent. Consistency is very important when taming and training animals.

Thank you for investing in your donkeys,

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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