Burro Adjustable Halter Combo

Donkeys have unique heads, nothing like a horse. Donkeys need custom halters, blankets, fly masks, boots. Trying to put a horse halter on a donkey will result in the halter being too big or too small. We adopted two formerly wild burro’s from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue last fall. These burros were born in the wild in California. The wild burro is much smaller than a standard size donkey. How can I tell if I have a formerly wild burro? When the donkey sheds out look for the brand on the neck both the BLM and PVDR brand the wild donkeys. Their bone structure is petite, smaller head, a bit shorter than a standard size donkey. I am thrilled to share I am now selling adjustable burro premium soft yacht rope halters with a matching nine foot lead line, solid stainless steel twist safety snap and a real black leather end. Choose from nine vibrant colors for your donkeys.

Order Adjustable Burro Halter Lead Line in our store.

How can I clean my tack? Premium soft yacht rope will never shrink, mold or frail is UV resistant. Wash in a bucket of warm soapy water and dry.

burro halter
burro halter combo
donkey burro

Thank you for investing in your donkeys,

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

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