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I had a very difficult time fitting my western saddle to my horse Miss Lily and ended up going to the Down Under Aussie Saddle store for a custom fitting as I needed help.  Her Western saddle left rub marks on her and I was stuck with a Billy Cook beautiful saddle that did not fit a very expensive mistake on my part, all part of the learning stuff in getting back into riding and my western saddle is 34 1bs.

I want to express how impressed I am with the customer support to teach me how to do a wither tracing and help me understand which saddle works best on a flat back no wither Mammoth donkey compared to my short backed quarter horse mare.  This company stands behind everything they sell and they sell outstanding quality in their workmanship.

Here is the e-mail I just received from the President of the company:

Dear Melody,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send photos of your new saddle on your donkey, Rio.  Ricki said that you were OK with putting the email and photo on our Customer Comments page, so I did just that (including the link back to your blog).

It’s great to have your photo on the site – the saddle is in the correct position, your riding position is perfect and it’s a very nice photo overall.  We appreciate your business and if you ever have any questions about your Snowy River Legend saddle or tack, just give us a call.

Happy Trails!

Mike Bergin


Down Under Saddle Supply
Phone: 800-395-8225
Fax: 720-975-9295

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